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V-League changes the schedule for Vietnam to fight Thailand

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After falling into a difficult group in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese team had to continue to receive bad news.

Accordingly, according to the schedule of matches in the V-League, the players of the Vietnamese team only have exactly 3 days to prepare for the confrontation with the Thais.

Vietnam will only have 3 days to prepare for the confrontation with Thailand

The reason is that the last match of the 23rd round, the confrontation between Hanoi FC and Viettel, will close on September 1. Meanwhile, on September 5, we will open the 2019 World Cup qualifiers with Thailand.

This will definitely be a big challenge for Coach Park Hang Seo and his associates when there is too little time to prepare, besides the players will also be physically affected by continuous competition.

It is because of these difficulties that VPF and VFF are sitting with coach Park Hang Seo to find a solution to help the Vietnamese team prepare the best for this match. Most likely, the old schedule will be adjusted by VPF in the near future.

V-League will change the schedule to facilitate the team

This is the information that has been confirmed by VFF Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan:

“We met directly with coach Park Hang Seo and VPF, sat down to try to find the best solution for the team when the first match against Thailand.

Currently, plans have been put in place. VPF and Coach Park are continuing to research the most suitable way to create the best possible alternative to the existing plan, helping the players to have more time to prepare for the very important match. Thailand on the upcoming away field.

Because this change will definitely affect the preparation process for the SEA Games, but how to handle it properly, we are still thinking.”

Previously, VFF and coach Park Hang Seo also agreed to reduce the training time of U23 Vietnam to help the team have more time to prepare for the World Cup.

With both teams having to participate in two very important tournaments, Coach Park Hang Seo and VFF will definitely have to calculate carefully to be able to come up with the most optimal solutions.

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