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The Vietnamese team only has 3 days to prepare to face Thailand in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

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After falling into a difficult group in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese team had to continue to receive bad news.

Accordingly, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will not have the best preparation for this qualifying round when concentration time is too little.

According to the schedule in the V-League, the last match of the 23rd round, the confrontation between Hanoi FC and Viettel, will close on September 1. Meanwhile, on September 5, we will open the 2019 World Cup qualifiers with Thailand.

This means that the players of the Vietnamese team only have 3 days to prepare for the confrontation with the Thais.

The Vietnamese team will only have 3 days to prepare for the confrontation with Thailand

This will be a huge difficulty with the gold stars. The lack of time to focus will mean that Mr. Park will not have many experimental options and will have to use the old faces and the old lineup.

And if that happens, of course the opponent will take us very seriously. Thailand is already too familiar with Vietnam and even in the last King’s Cup we had to have a hard time defeating them.

That is not to mention that the players who have not played together for a long time are also difficult to coordinate well and operate smoothly according to the requirements set by the coaching staff.

The short concentration time will greatly affect the gameplay of the Vietnamese team

At the King’s Cup, the Vietnamese team only had 3 days to prepare but still beat Thailand. However, the nature of the confrontation between the two teams in the World Cup Qualifiers will have a completely different meaning. It is no longer a friendly tournament but an official tournament that has a great influence on the chances of two teams going through.

It is for this reason that it is likely that the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) will have to consider adjusting the match schedule to create conditions for teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo.

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