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The Vietnamese team is undervalued in the Wood group

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According to the results of the draw for the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia, the Vietnamese team is in Group G with the presence of the UAE (seeded 1) and 3 other Southeast Asian representatives, Thailand (No. 3), Malaysia (No. 4) and Indonesia (No. 5).

In this group, Vietnam is only underestimated than the number 1 seed, UAE. Coach Park Hang Seo’s students are the defending champions of Southeast Asia and have the second highest FIFA ranking in this group.

However, it is quite surprising that Vietnam is the most undervalued team.

The Vietnamese team is undervalued in the Wood group

According to Transfermarkt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) team is the most valued team. Although there are no strikers in the squad to go abroad, the total value of the Middle East team’s squad is still up to 23.5 million euros.

Among the remaining 4 Southeast Asian teams, Thailand is the team that owns the most expensive squad. The army of the new coach Nishino Akira is valued at up to 7.5 million euros, far ahead of rivals in the region.

The Golden Temple team owns a series of players playing in the J.League, in which “Thai Messi” Chanathip Songkrasin is valued at 2.2 million euros.

The third place on the list is Indonesia, the team from “Ten Thousand Islands” is valued at 3.98 million Euro. Notably, Transfermarkt values ​​Indonesian players fairly evenly, most ranging from 150,000 euros to 325,000 euros. Malaysia is valued at 1.95 million euros, half the value of Indonesia.

As the reigning champion of Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese team is undervalued

And most surprisingly, Vietnam, the defending champion of Southeast Asia, ranked last in terms of squad value. Coach Park Hang Seo’s students are valued at only about 1.55 million Euros by Transfermarkt.

That is, the total value of the Vietnamese team’s squad is not equal to the value of “Messi Thai” Chanathip Songkrasin (2.2 million euros).

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