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The Thai coach ordered a blockade before the confrontation with Vietnam

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The new coach of the Thai team, Nishino is very active to prepare for the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

The pressure on the new captain “War Elephants” is huge when there are very strong opponents in their group. In addition, meeting Vietnam in the opening match made Thailand even more difficult.

Coach Nishino
Coach Nishino is urgently preparing for the confrontation with Vietnam

It was from the pressure of the media and fans that coach Nishino made a rather unexpected decision before the qualifying round.

Accordingly, the Japanese strategist will keep all information about the Thai team confidential before the confrontation with Vietnam.

This is information that has been confirmed by the general secretary of the Thai football federation, Nanthakul:

“His way of working is very professional, so we need to change some of the working processes, including giving different information about the team to the fans and the media. It is information on practice matches, player lists or gameplay diagrams in this period to make news.”

All information about the Thai team will be kept confidential

This leader also explained more about the Thai captain’s decision:

“The reason to avoid information leakage is because coach Nishino wants the players to focus on training to achieve the best results. So some information is kept confidential for the benefit of the Thai team.”

Currently, coach Nishino is in Japan and looking for a good position. After returning to Thailand, he will announce the summons list. The list is expected to be available on August 7 or 8.

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