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The great advantages of Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

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Yesterday afternoon (July 17), the draw for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for Asia took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the headquarters of the Asian Football Confederation.

Lucky draws have brought Vietnam to a group full of charms with rivals: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE.

Most experts think that this is a difficult group for Vietnam when they have to be in the same group with opponents of equal or higher level.

However, in the difficult times, there is luck, the army of Coach Park Hang Seo is still fortunate to have certain advantages.

1.Convenient location

With being in the same group as neighboring countries Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the Vietnamese team will have 8/9 matches played in Southeast Asia.

The only match we have to travel far is the trip to the UAE field.

In addition to the 4 matches played at My Dinh, the Vietnamese team will march in locations such as Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and the furthest in the journey in Southeast Asia is just Tanah Bang ( Indonesia).

Vietnam will be able to play 8/9 matches in Southeast Asia when participating in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

This is a big advantage for the team because we will save time and effort when we only have to compete in Southeast Asia.

In addition, the players will be able to quickly adapt to the climate conditions that are somewhat similar to Vietnam. And the pitches in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is no longer strange.

2.Gentle seed team

Despite encountering nasty opponents, but Vietnam is quite fortunate that we are in the same group with the team that is in the weakest top seed group.

Compared to Korea and Japan, meeting the UAE is of course the easiest to breathe. There is no denying that the UAE is also a difficult opponent to play, but at least compared to South Korea, Vietnam has a chance to score points or even win.

Basically, although the UAE is in the top 8 strongest teams in Asia, the level is quite close to group 2 teams like Syria, Jordan, Iraq or Uzbekistan.

UAE is an opponent that Vietnam can completely beat

Even in the past we have beaten this team. Even at the last ASIAD 2018 third place match, U23 Vietnam only lost to U23 UAE in the penalty shootout.

That nonetheless gives Vietnam hope that there will be points to overcome this opponent and win the right to continue.

3.History is leaning towards Vietnam

During his nearly 2 years of tenure, Coach Park Hang Seo has helped U23 as well as the Vietnamese national team to truly stand out in Southeast Asia.

Park’s army has never lost to teams in Southeast Asia since leading Vietnam.

Park Hang Seo
Coach Park Hang Seo won all the most annoying teams in Southeast Asia

Vietnam under Mr. Park once made Malaysia and Thailand lose the heart of the national team.

At the U23 level, Vietnam also beat Indonesia despite a hard victory

4.The advantage of the schedule

With being placed in Group G, Vietnam will have a relatively favorable match schedule. Vietnam will be a guest on the field of group 3 Thailand on September 5.

On October 10, Vietnam will return to My Dinh Stadium to welcome the team of Group 4, Malaysia. 5 days later, Vietnam will be a guest on the field of group 5, Indonesia.

It was not until November 14 that Vietnam faced the team of the first seed group, the UAE, at My Dinh Stadium.

Then we will play the second leg on November 19 against Thailand at home. Be a guest to Malaysia’s stadium on March 31.

On June 4, they will return to My Dinh to welcome Indonesia. And the last match of the most difficult qualifying round will be coming to the UAE as a guest on June 9.

With the opportunity to play against weaker opponents and only have to meet the strongest team, the UAE, in the final match, Vietnam can fully take advantage of the opportunity to accumulate valuable points.

We need to complete the task well and get the best score against Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia to get the best mentality before the confrontation with the UAE.

If they win a good score against weaker teams, Vietnam will not need to win the UAE, but just a draw result will make the next door very bright.

With the above advantages, Vietnam has a great opportunity to qualify and get closer to the dream of the World Cup.

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