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Review Netherlands vs Gibraltar 01h45 on 12/10

Review Netherlands vs Gibraltar

The Dutch home team got off to a bad start when they opened the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign in Europe with a loss to Turkey, but this team managed to regain their spirits and got himself a 6-match unbeaten streak in a row right after that.

Data from kembong88 shows that Gibraltar is still diving at the bottom of Group G after their bad performance in recent times. Specifically, this team has experienced 7 consecutive defeats without a draw in the past time and if they still maintain such a bad form, the next defeat will be inevitable. away from this team.

nhan dinh ha lan vs gibraltar 11 10 2021

Netherlands vs Gibraltar recent form

Information from kqbd7m said that coach Louis van Gaal has returned to lead the Dutch team to replace coach Frank de Boer after an unsuccessful Euro season. The former Man Utd coach quickly brought very positive changes in the recent successful matches of the Netherlands.

Gibraltar on the other side is still only considered a team in this group G according to experts. The poor performance is showing that they are now a point store for the teams above to fully exploit.

Against a team that has run out of motivation, fans can easily see that it will definitely be a pretty big goal difference for the Dutch home team. And this will certainly be a better opportunity for the attacking stars on the Dutch side to practice their finishing ability.

In the first leg, the Netherlands easily won 7-0 against Gibraltar at home, thereby showing that the gap between the two teams is too big. The Netherlands is in a high form and it is likely that the scenario of the score in the first leg will be repeated in the upcoming match.

With a superior level and a great advantage at home, the Netherlands will surely enhance the squad from the first minutes of the match, thereby seeking for themselves the advantages right from the start of the match. The very strong victories of the Dutch home team recently make the bookmaker believe that this team will win the match in the next match.

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