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Leaving Quang Hai, Thai BLV chose Cong Phuong as the most dangerous player in Vietnam

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Lucky draws on July 17 brought Vietnam and Thailand and two other Southeast Asian teams, Indonesia, Malaysia and the UAE into a group G full of grace. It will not be easy for the aforementioned teams to compete for two tickets to go on to the third qualifying round.

Sharing about the above group, BLV Jaroencher affirmed that it is not Vietnam or Thailand, but the UAE itself is the strongest team in the group: “I think it is not Thailand or Vietnam, but the UAE is the strongest team in the group. this game at the moment. They have been a familiar face of every previous World Cup Qualifier campaign.

Cong Phuong
Although Quang Hai is in high form

It must be said that this is a very strong team, especially when in the past, they often won many victories against our Southeast Asian teams.

Talking more about Vietnam Tel, this commentator said that Quang Hai is an excellent player, but Cong Phuong is the most interesting and scary name for us at this time.

Cong Phuong
Song Cong Phuong is the name that makes Thai BLV the most afraid

“Personally, I think that compared to Chanathip, Quang Hai is not comparable in terms of playing experience. In the Vietnamese team’s squad, there are also many good players such as Van Hau, Trong Hoang …, but to choose the best player, the most worth watching, it is not Quang Hai but Cong Phuong. He’s playing in Belgium, he’s an excellent player, a real threat to Thailand.”

It is known that Thailand will open the journey in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with a match with Vietnam itself on September 5 at home. The rematch between the two teams will take place on November 19, 2019.

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