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How many points does the Vietnamese team need to qualify for the 2022 World Cup?

In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese team will be in the same group with rivals UAE, Thailand, Malaysia and Malaysia.

This is a table that is both easy and difficult for Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students in their journey to find the next ticket.

There are 2 possibilities for us to have a chance to continue as the top of the group or in the top 4 of the second best teams.

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Compared to the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the teams that continue with the second place in the group usually have a score of 17-18 points. In that year’s tournament, Iraq, Syria, UAE and China were the teams that took the second place in the group.

And if this reference system is applied to the 2022 World Cup qualifier, with a score of 18 to be able to continue, Vietnam needs to win 6/8 wins.

If it gets the above score, Vietnam is likely to be in the top 4 of the top 4 second-placed teams.

Vietnam needs to win at least 18 points to keep their hopes up

If in some other groups there are weak teams in groups 3, 4, 5, the 1st and 2nd seeded teams in that group almost hold all 3 points in direct encounters because of the difference in reality. The disadvantage of the Vietnamese team when it is in Group G is that the level of the teams is similar, so the competition for each point will be very fierce.

In a more optimistic case, we try to win points against the number 1 seed team, UAE, then the chance of going through will be even greater.

Vietnam needs to win all the matches against the 3,4,5 . seeded teams

However, it will not be easy for us to get 18 or more points because the opponents have not much difference in level with us.

Although the road ahead is still very difficult, but fans can be optimistic that our team always knows how to create miracles and make the impossible possible.

An Phieu

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