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Asian experts give a good word for Quang Hai before the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

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Recently, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held a draw for the second qualifying round of the World Cup 2022. And it is less than 2 months away before this qualifying round will take place.

To warm up the atmosphere before the ball rolling, Fox Sport channel organized a program to identify the World Cup qualifiers.

Notably in this program, Asian football analyst John Wilkinson pointed out two morning stars who are expected to shine in the next qualifying round. And very honored to be Vietnamese midfielder, Nguyen Quang Hai was one of the two mentioned stars.

optical two
Quang Hai is expected to shine in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

This expert did not hesitate to confirm that Mohanad Ali and Nguyen Quang Hai are the two most worthy names to watch. He also spent many kind words when talking about Vietnamese stars:

“Quang Hai is a new player over 20 years old. The goal on the free kick in the Asian Cup with his skillful left foot was amazing which made him even more impressive. I think Quang Hai will be even better.

However, Quang Hai needs a bigger step than going to Japan, China or Korea to compete. It’s a step forward in the process of asserting my talent.”

This expert also put a lot of expectations on the morning star of Asia in the future:

“The players of the 1997 generation like Quang Hai are the next generation of stars of Asian football. Creating emotions, playing technically and being expected is what people see in them.”

Mohanad Ali
Mohanad Ali and Quang Hai are two tomorrow’s stars who are expected to shine in the World Cup Qualifiers

In addition to Quang Hai, striker Mohanad Ali, who scored 2 goals against Van Lam in the opening match of the Asian Cup 2019 is also a bright name. The striker born in 2000 shows talent far beyond age. At the age of 19, he is already the number 1 striker of the Iraqi team thanks to his speed, ability to dribble and score goals.

Hopefully with great expectations from experts as well as fans, Quang Hai will be able to shine in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

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