Salzburg vs Liverpool match prediction and statistics

Identify Salzburg vs Liverpool

The Salzburg vs Liverpool match in Group E Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 00:55 on December 11 in Vietnam time. The match will be controlled by Dutch referee Danny Makkelie. The matches that Makkelie has whistled in the Champions League, no host has ever won.

Predict the match Salzburg vs Liverpool

Salzburg must win this match to have a chance to pass the group stage to put their name in the 1/8 Champions League round this season. The representatives of Austrian football have a lot of advantages to be able to complete that task, when they are playing at home, are in good form and have a beneficial striker Erling Haaland – a player who is being played by the whole continent. Europe coveted.

Nhan dinh Salzburg Liverpool 2

However, Salzburg’s opponent is Liverpool – the Champions League champion, the destroyer in the Premier League this season, and is leading Group E. There are not many teams that can stop Liverpool’s progress at this time, of which Salzburg must not have been able to step in.

Salzburg and Liverpool’s recent form

After 5 matches of Group E, Napoli is the only team that still maintains an unbeaten record, with 2 wins and 3 draws. However, the representative of Italy is not the top team in the group, when they only get second place. The team that is monopolizing the top of Group E is defending champion Liverpool, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. Meanwhile, Salzburg is third with 7 points in hand, after 2 wins, 1 draw, 2 defeats.

Talking through the situation of Group E to see, Salzburg must win this match to be able to hope to reach the 1/8 round. Because in the match at the same time, Napoli only had to face an opponent that was soon eliminated, Genk, and also played at home San Paolo, so it would not be difficult to win all 3 points, in the match that could be the last. coach Carlo Ancelotti on the bench to direct Napoli, after irreparable disagreements with the team’s leadership.

In the last 19 matches in the Champions League arena, Salzburg lost only 2 matches, a very proud achievement that can make any opponent afraid to face them. However, that did not scare Liverpool, because one of the two rare teams that defeated Salzburg was… Liverpool, in the first leg with a score of 4-3. The other team is no stranger, which is Napoli, in the match last October, right on the field of Salzburg (2-3).

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