PSV vs Benfica commentary at 02:00 on August 25, Champions League

Identify PSV vs Benfica

The 1-2 defeat at Benfica’s field in the first leg of the Champions League play-off this season has not discouraged PSV. On the contrary, the Dutch team also proved to be quite confident in the second leg at home, which took place at 02:00 on August 25. Because according to the house, just need to win 1-0 in the second leg, PSV will be the team to win tickets to the group stage of the C1 Cup.

Speaking to the press, PSV coach Roger Schmidt strongly said that his team still has a chance to go on equal to Benfica. According to c1 cup betting experts, those strong words are indeed grounded. Because PSV also possesses great advantages to be able to defeat Benfica in this match.

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The first advantage of PSV is the home field. In their mecca, this Dutch team always plays very well. According to the statistics of the house football assessment, PSV is on a 6 consecutive winning streak at the Philips Stadion nest across all schools. In 5 of them, PSV scored 3 or more goals.

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PSV’s explosive offensive form at home is sending a heavy threat to Benfica, especially when this Portuguese team is not adept at keeping a clean sheet away.

According to kqbd7m’s data, Benfica has conceded 4 matches in the last 7 trips away from home on all fronts. And back to the first leg between Benfica vs PSV, it is clear that the poor concentration of the defense has damaged Benfica, pushing this team into a difficult position in the second leg.

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The record from the 88th ball shows that, after leading PSV 2-0 quite easily in the first half, Benfica loosened his legs and played quite unfocused, especially in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Consequences is that they lost 1 goal in the 51st minute by the opponent and therefore, will be eliminated if they lose 0-1 to PSV in this second leg.

In the past, Benfica has been a guest of PSV twice, they have never won and never had a clean sheet. Specifically, Benfica drew 2-2 with PSV in the 2010/11 C2 Cup and before that, they also drew 2-2 in the Netherlands in the group stage of the C1 Cup in the 1998/99 season. That not-so-clean sheet, Benfica must be very careful if you don’t want to be immediately eliminated by PSV.

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