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Review Chelsea vs Lille

The match Chelsea vs Lille in the final round of the Champions League group stage of the 2019/20 season will take place at 03:00 on December 11 in Vietnam time. This match at Stamford Brigge will be controlled by the Greek referee Sidiropoulos.

Review of the match Chelsea vs Lille

After 5 matches in Group H of the Champions League 2019/20, but no team has yet been determined, because Ajax (10 points) top the table with only 2 points higher than the two teams behind Valencia and Chelsea (with 8 points) with 2 points, in when there’s one last game left tonight.

Although Chelsea are ranked 3rd in the group, they have the greatest chance to continue. Because in this last turn, coach Frank Lampard’s teachers and students only had to meet the eliminated team Lille at home, while Ajax and Valencia had to fight “one to one” in the match at the same time.

Recent form of Chelsea and Lille

At home, as long as Chelsea beat Lille tonight, they will have tickets to the round of 16, regardless of the results of the Ajax – Valencia match. Obviously, defeating the representative of France is a task within the reach of Lampard’s teachers and students.

The most important thing to believe in victory for the home team is not their high or low form, but that Lille has run out of motivation. With only 1 point after 5 matches, the French representative was eliminated because he was definitely at the bottom of Group H, no longer having any goals. The trip to London tonight only means “traveling” with the Lille players.

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The performance of the team under coach Galtiler in the Champions League is also very bad. After 5 rounds, Lille only scored 3 goals, the rest conceded 12 times. They are one of the teams that have conceded the most goals in the group stage of the Champions League 2019/20 (only ahead of Genk and Olympiakos). With only 1 point, Lille is also one of the three teams to win the fewest points in the Champions League this season.

In addition, Lille is also very weak when away from home. In the last 11 matches as guests on all fronts, Galtiler’s teachers and students won exactly 1 victory, which was a shock victory over Lyon in Ligue 1 last weekend. The rest lost 8, drew 2 in the 11-match series mentioned above.

An opponent who is both poor in form and has no motivation to fight like that will be a “delicious bait” for a Chelsea who is thirsty to win. The Blues are in a pretty low form recently, but beating Lille now and winning the knockout round ticket is difficult to escape from their hands.

Chelsea and Lille have only met once, which is the first leg in this season’s Champions League. Right in France, Chelsea easily defeated Lille (2-1) on October 3 and passed with a superior game. At that time, Lille was still hot when after 5 years back in Europe’s most prestigious arena, he was still defeated by Chelsea. And now, when the morale is gone, the motivation is also gone, it is an opportunity for Lampard’s players to rain down the goals.

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