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Valencia vs Chelsea match in Group H Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 00:55 on November 28, Vietnam time. The match will take place at the Mestalla stadium, where Valencia is unbeaten in the last 4 matches.

Match commentary Valencia vs Chelsea

The situation of Group H is currently extremely tense, when the top 3 teams have the same 7 points before the last 2 rounds. A slip also means that the door to the group stage is closed in front of one of the three teams. Chelsea and Valencia understand this better than anyone, when they have to face each other directly in this match, while the top team Ajax has to face the weakest team in the group, Lille.

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This is a match that the away team Chelsea are not allowed to lose, they need at least 1 point to maintain their position in the Top 2. Meanwhile, a victory can take Valencia a long way in the race to the round of 16. . Which team will complete the goal?

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After 4 matches, the achievement of Valencia, Chelsea and Ajax is to win 2, draw 1, lose 1, get 7 points and still have the opportunity to reach the 1/8 round. Meanwhile, the bottom team of Lille group with only 1 point in hand only hope to win tickets to play in the Europa League. It was a slim hope, but it was enough for Lille to play all the time in this match.

This 5th round can therefore become a turning point for the teams in Group H, where there are 2 tickets to the 1/8 round of the Champions League, as well as Lille still having the opportunity to continue to participate in the European Cup. or not. A loss against Ajax will be the end of the French representative.

Back to the Valencia vs Chelsea match, where the Spanish team had the home advantage, and the mentality was good after the victory over Chelsea itself in the first leg right at Stamford Bridge. However, that is probably not enough for Valencia to once again win against the English team. Compared to the time when the two teams met more than 2 months ago, Valencia has dropped a lot, while their opponent Chelsea is playing better and better.

Since the victory at Stamford Bridge, Valencia has only drawn and lost in the following 7/9 matches, in all competitions. That series of poor achievements not only made the Mestalla team drop to 3rd place in Group H of the Champions League, but worse also made them drop to the bottom half of the La Liga table. Valencia’s great goals at the beginning of the season are in danger of disappearing.

Chelsea, meanwhile, had a makeover after losing to Valencia, and Liverpool were in the Premier League with 7 consecutive victories, an achievement that helped them rise to second place in Group H, and Top 4 in the Premier League. And even if they just lost to Man City, with what they have shown in front of the Premier League champions, Chelsea is confident enough to march to Mestalla.

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