Winning to convince the green army, Vietnam Tel received the news ‘couldn’t be happier’

Coach Park Hang Seo can be a little happy when his trials have more or less brought positive signals.

Yesterday, August 19, the Vietnamese national team had two friendly matches against U22 Vietnam to prepare for the final World Cup 2022. Accordingly, in both practice matches, Vietnam Tel won with the score. 2-1.

In the first match, Ho Tuan Tai and Tran Minh Vuong were the scorers for Vietnam. Tuan Tai is a striker being tested by Coach Park Hang Seo, while Minh Vuong can be an option for the midfield when he scores against the UAE in the last match of the second qualifying round.

In the second match, Luong Xuan Truong and Pham Tuan Hai were the scorers for Vietnam. Tuan Hai is a new “rookie” who was called up by Mr. Park to recruit in this gathering.

Looking at the above results, it can be seen that the experiments of Coach Park Hang Seo are more or less effective. Because, the names that can be considered new in the national team like Tuan Hai or Tuan Tai have brought a certain confidence when integrating well with teammates and shining with personal imprints.

This can be seen as a positive signal for Vietnam Tel. Because, Coach Park Hang Seo will now certainly have more bases to continue to believe in his new cards at the end of the 2022 World Cup, where the opponents have certainly studied each and every detail. people of Vietnam Tel to catch cards.

Vietnam Tel will depart for Saudi Arabia on August 27.

The two matches against Vietnam U22 are considered the only and last rehearsal for Vietnam before leaving for Saudi Arabia. As planned, on August 27, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will march to Saudi Arabia.

It is expected that BHL will eliminate 5-6 players before departure. Currently, the identities of the first two players who can be removed from the list have been revealed. Those are Van Hau and Tien Anh. The duo are suffering from different injuries, unable to recover in time to attend the opening 2 matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

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