What did Coach Park Hang Seo see from the practice match of the Vietnam team?

Friday 20/8/2021 11:05(GMT+7)

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The Korean leader must have learned many things after the recent test of Vietnam Tel with the young players of the U22 team on the evening of August 19.

Worry in the position of guarding the temple of Vietnam

Due to not being able to find a “green army” to play a friendly match in the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, Coach Park Hang Seo had to let his students play against the U22 team in Vietnam. This competition took place on the evening of August 19 at the Youth Training Center of VFF.

Due to information security requirements, no images or videos of the match were leaked out. Through the description, we only know that Vietnam Tel has divided troops to play two internal matches with the “juniors” of U22. In both practice matches, Vietnam Tel won with a score of 2-1.

And after two matches yesterday, Coach Park Hang Seo must have had a preliminary look at the “cards” that he will use in his trip to Saudi Arabia on September 2.

Vietnam Tel vs Coach Park Hang Seo
Coach Park Hang Seo must have learned a lot from the competition between Vietnam and the U22 team

Maybe the competition between “people of the same house” is difficult to create the fierceness and tension like international matches. But for the two teams to play against each other, this must also help the Korean leader’s training before going to Saudi Arabia to play.

With no opportunity to look for new faces, it is almost as if Coach Park Hang Seo will still put his faith in his favorite students in the match against Saudi Arabia. The other is probably the new faces in the midfield, an area that plays an important role in the way the Vietnamese team operates defensively and counter-attacking.

As the one who scored the winning goal in yesterday’s friendly match, midfielder Tran Minh Vuong certainly scored more points with Mr. Park. And it will not be surprising if he is used from the beginning in the upcoming match against Saudi Arabia.

Minh Vuong’s brilliant performance is expected to quickly bring a new breeze to the Vietnamese team. From being a reserve face in the national team, midfielder Thai Thuy, Thai Binh is gradually gaining the trust of the Korean teacher.

Minh Vuong Vietnam Tel
Minh Vuong promises to bring a new breeze in the gameplay of Vietnam Tel

In the last match in the second qualifying round, World Cup 2022, Minh Vuong also played very well after being kicked into the field in the second half when the Vietnamese team was leading 3-0 by the opponent.

Just a few minutes on the field, Minh Vuong shone when he launched an assist to help Tien Linh score in the 84th minute to shorten the score to 1-3. And not long after that, the HAGL star shone directly when he scored in the 90+2 minute and helped Vietnam shorten the gap to 2-3.

As a player with a technical background, good tactical vision and the ability to take free kicks quite ‘melancholy’, Minh Vuong will clearly be a ‘card in his sleeve’ in the 3rd qualifying round.

Besides Minh Vuong, the two names that have “scored” in the past practice matches are strikers Tuan Tai and Tuan Hai. The fact that they scored goals in the past practice matches could increase the chances for these strikers to stay in the Vietnam team, in the context that striker Cong Phuong did not join the team this time.

The other person scored for “Golden Stars” – midfielder Luong Xuan Truong must have also “scored” with Mr. Park. It is known that HAGL midfielder scored after a fixed free kick in front of the U22 Vietnam goal.

Spring School of Vietnam Tel
Xuan Truong’s ability to take a free kick will be a powerful weapon for Vietnam Tel

Against very strong opponents, fixed situations such as corner kicks and direct free kicks will bring hope to Vietnam Tel. And surely players like Xuan Truong, Quang Hai, Minh Vuong, … will have many opportunities to shine.

After a period of loss of form due to injury, Truong “hips” is making a strong comeback this season. Not only did he play well at HAGL, but he also left many marks in the second qualifying campaign of the World Cup 2022 of the national team.

With the possession of a pair of HAGL midfielders who are in high form, Xuan Truong – Minh Vuong, coach Park Hang Seo has two pretty good faces in the midfield. But in order to increase the muscular strength of the midfield, the Korean leader is planning to add Duy Manh or Dinh Trong to play a defensive midfielder.

With the arrangement of a large number of personnel in the middle of the field, Mr. Park must be hoping that Vietnam Tel can better resist the power of the home team Saudi Arabia. The loss of the midline in the recent match against the UAE is clearly a worry for the Vietnamese team’s coach. And the use of an additional defensive midfielder will be essential at this time.

In general, at the present time, Vietnam Tel is ready to compete in the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. And the last match must have brought many useful things to the coaching staff as well as the individual players before the day of going abroad to compete.

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