Vietnamese experts give tips to coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students

Friday 20/08/2021 17:50(GMT+7)

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Before the debut in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup on September 2, Vietnam Tel received professional suggestions from football expert Phan Anh Tu.

In a recent share with the media, who used to be the acting General Secretary of the VFF and also the former General Secretary of the Hanoi Football Federation, Mr. Phan Anh Tu gave advice to the Vietnamese team.

Accordingly, he said that, in front of stronger opponents, Vietnam Tel must focus on keeping a defensive position to be able to deal with the intense waves of the opponent’s ball.

Vietnam Tel entered the sprint phase
Expert Phan Anh Tu wants Vietnam to focus on defending against Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Tu shared with Vnexpress newspaper: “Against Saudi Arabia or Australia, we should focus on only one thing. That is to hold the defensive position.

When the level is not equal to the opponent, the players have to be persistent, patient, and focused. The upcoming 90 minutes in Saudi Arabia will test the team’s ability to withstand pressure and counter-attack skills.”

With the fact that they have to play against the top teams, in the past time, Vietnam Tel has trained very hard. On that side, BHL also pays great attention to the physical endurance of the players.

In order to help Vietnam Tel be able to defend better from afar, in the past time, Coach Park Hang Seo has tested Duy Manh and Dinh Trong in the defensive midfield position. This is considered a shield from afar to protect the goal of Vietnam Tel. With the addition of a defensive midfielder, Vietnam’s midfield is also less vulnerable to pressure from opponents.

Finally, Mr. Phan Anh Tu also hopes that the level of Vietnamese players will be shown when they have to face very strong opponents.

This one added: “Into this round, the number one decisive thing is class. If there is class, players will know how to overcome adversity. On the contrary, if they are not mature enough, bravery, the problems seem to be simple. When the defense is up, it becomes difficult to keep the attack rhythm.”

As planned, on August 27, the Vietnamese team will leave for Saudi Arabia to prepare for the first match in the third qualifying round against Saudi Arabia, which will take place on the evening of September 2. After that, they will go home to play the second match against the Australian team on the evening of September 7.

Worry in the position of guarding the temple of VietnamWorry in the position of guarding the temple of Vietnam
Dang Van Lam is currently not appreciated for his performance because he has not played for a long time. But no one is better than him right now.
What did Coach Park Hang Seo see from the practice match of the Vietnam team?What did Coach Park Hang Seo see from the practice match of the Vietnam team?
The Korean leader must have learned many things after the recent test of Vietnam Tel with the young players of the U22 team on the evening of August 19.

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