The defending champion V-League suddenly reunited soon, waiting to ‘surpass’ HAGL

Viettel Club was suddenly scheduled to focus and return to practice during the pause of the V-League due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

HIGHLIGHT Viettel 5-0 Kaya FC | AFC Champions League 2021 (Source: FPT Play)

Returning from the journey at the AFC Champions League 2021, Viettel Club has completed medical isolation and sent members home to rest because the 2021 V-League officially postponed until the end of this year, only returning in February 2022. .

However, recently, the defending V-League champion suddenly announced a plan to reunite the army soon, returning to practice during the football break. Specifically, the army team will start to gather from August 23 and will practice until the end of September.

Sharing with the press, coach Truong Viet Hoang of Viettel Club said: “On August 23, the team will reunite and practice until the end of September, then I will let the whole team continue to rest.

Coach Truong Viet Hoang with his calculations brought Viettel to the throne of V.League 2020.jpg
Viettel Club will join forces soon on August 23 and practice until the end of September

In fact, I want my players to still practice regularly so as not to lose their rhythm due to a long break, because the tournament will not resume until February next year. If the players rest for too long, they will be inert, then it will be difficult to catch up with practice and competition.”

Accordingly, Viettel Club will be the second earliest team in the V-League 2021, after Song Lam Nghe An Club. The Nghe team has been practicing since August 16 to prepare for the difficult period ahead, with the goal of getting out of the bottom position.

Currently, Viettel FC is ranked 2nd on the V-League 2021 rankings with 26 points, 3 points behind the top team HAGL. Coach Truong Viet Hoang’s teachers and students still have the opportunity to surpass the Nui street team, thereby successfully defending the championship.


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