The clock continues to tick toward a potential divorce between Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Last year, the Seahawks started 5-0, finished 12-4, and exited the postseason in the wild card round. (Sorry, the super wild card round.) After the dust settled on the season, a storm of something other than dust emerged regarding quarterback Russell Wilson‘s future in Seattle.

This year, the Seahawks have started 2-3. They’re currently in sole possession of last place in the NFC West. Through five games, they’re only one loss behind last year’s total number of defeats.

Barring a dramatic turnaround, and some significant playoff success, the talk of a Wilson trade will resurface.

For now, Wilson continues to compartmentalize, loving the one he’s with because he has no other choice. In an interview with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, which aired before last night’s game, Wilson downplayed the storyline that emerged immediately after Wilson was seen looking miserable in a luxury suite at Super Bowl LV.

“I think things get kind of blown out of proportion a little bit, and teams were saying that I requested a trade,” Wilson told Andrews. “So it kinda got a little confused.”

Contributing to the confusion was the fact that, after Wilson appeared on Dan Patrick’s show and made his discontent with the current state of the Seahawks obvious, Wilson’s agent declared that, while Russ doesn’t want a trade, he’d accept a trade to the Raiders, Cowboys, Saints, or Bears. It was unprecedented, and it can’t be ignored as the Seahawks now sit 12 games away from their next offseason.

Indeed, after the Wilson interview aired, Greg Olsen (who spent 2020 with the Seahawks) said that Wilson will stay in Seattle only as long as he feels everyone is fully committed to winning. A few weeks back, Wilson said he wants to be “legendary” and “iconic.” With one Super Bowl win to show for 10 NFL seasons, he’s got a lot more work to do to earn either of those labels.

So get ready. It’s coming. Presumably, it’ll happen after the season. If, however, the Seahawks lose their next two games, both of which will be played in prime time against the Steelers and Saints, respectively, don’t be surprised if, before the November 2 trade deadline, Wilson’s agent says, yet again, that Russ doesn’t want to be traded, but that he’d accept a trade to the Saints.

The clock continues to tick toward a potential divorce between Russell Wilson, Seahawks originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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