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At the press conference to launch Leo Messi, PSH president Al Khelaifi had a statement “Mbappe has no reason to leave”. But in reality, does Mbappe have no reason to leave or is there still a single reason that Al Khelaifi ignores.

It is true that no one is as old as Florentino Perez of Real. In the second summer, the whole European market was severely affected by the pandemic, he was still able to spark a blockbuster in the market. And that blockbuster is not about Messi coming to PSG as the Spanish press weaves. That is Killian Mbappe, the player that PSG is looking for ways to keep.

PSG did too well in convincing Mbappe. The French born in 1998 wants a squad capable of competing in the Champions League? PSG brought in the best star in the world. The Messi case has actually been started by PSG for the past 1 year and Barca’s failure to meet La Liga’s salary rules has given PSG a great opportunity to break the strong relationship between Messi and Barca. Along with Ramos, Hakimi, Donnarumma, Wijnaldum, PSG had the most successful summer. But Mbappe still sits there, without an official move to show that he is willing to stay.

When PSG had not signed Messi, they released a video made in May 2021 between Mbappe and Neymar in which Mbappe said his biggest desire was to win the Champions League with PSG, as a psychological blow towards Real. After signing Messi, president Al Khelaifi confirmed “Mbappe has no reason to leave”. This assertion is a pressure on the French player himself, when public data shows how PSG has shown ambition with concrete actions.

Will signing Messi help PSG get a squad as competitive as Mbappe expected?

Will signing Messi help PSG get a squad as competitive as Mbappe expected?

But Perez is truly a market king with his wisdom. Until now, Real has not made any official move to promote Mbappe deal. That shows, Real wants to have him in a very classic way: Mbappe himself wants to leave and in a situation with only 1 year left to expire, PSG will have no choice but to sell cheaply.

At the same time, the pro-Real media continuously reported on Mbappe’s desire to wear the Real shirt. They confirmed that Mbappe’s family as well as himself insisted that they only wanted to go to Real. Ever since Bosman’s law entered football life, the will of the player has always been the most important thing in transfer stories. And PSG of course are sitting on the fire even though they show a great optimism on the outside.

According to the latest information from Madrid, it seems that Perez is about to give a decisive blow to this deal by making an offer of 120 million euros for Mabppe. This is a very low price compared to the actual value of this player in the current era of explosive player values. It is only 3 million euros higher than the price that Man City bought Grealish for. However, it is a reasonable price for PSG because if they shake their heads, they may face the risk of losing Mbappe in the summer of 2022 when this player is not willing to extend his contract.

Could the PSG trailer be offside at the end of this summer?

Could the PSG trailer be offside at the end of this summer?

In 2017, PSG bought Mbappe for 135 million euros with 45 million for extra terms. The total amount they spent on him was 180 million euros. Compared to the 120 million euros that Real proposed, it is clear that PSG has lost if it is only calculated on the revenue and expenditure of buying and selling players. But it’s better to have this 120 million than nothing. And above all, PSG still need revenue to balance the amounts they have spent. Therefore, if Real’s offer of 120 million euros above comes true, it will most likely be an offer that cannot be refused.

With 120 million in revenue from this Mbappe deal, PSG can completely design a super squad capable of competing in the Champions League without the need for the MNM trio as objectively expected. In fact, their attack is still very strong without Mbappe when Di Maria, Icardi, Draxler are all quality players. And if need to strengthen a striker, with 120 million received from Real, PSG can completely find a player with high quality, young and willing to serve two “gods” Neymar and Messi. Typically, Jeremy Doku, a young Belgian talent playing for Rennes or Lyon’s Rayan Cherki, is considered a new phenomenon that many European clubs are very interested in.

But perhaps, PSG will look towards Paul Pogba more, although there is a part of Paris supporters who do not like him because of the statement. “a fan of Marseille” some time ago. With Pogba also not renewing his contract with Man Utd, it is completely possible for PSG to buy it quite cheaply and thereby create a Parisian galaxy without Mbappe.

Of course, the rumor that they used CR7 to replace Mbappe is not unreasonable. If you exchange Icardi for CR7 and a little more money, PSG will get this superstar player. But if CR7 comes to PSG, it is not a long-term plan for expertise when he is older. But the biggest gain of PSG will be brand development. Putting Messi with Ronaldo is a story that was once considered a fiction and if PSG make it true, their sales will be terrible.

If all of the above options are possible, many PSG supporters will regret not seeing the terrible MNM trio roaming the field. But in Mbappe’s personal position, all the temptations that PSG gave him so that he had no reason to leave could not win for only one reason: asserting himself.

killian mbappe khong ly do va mot ly do duy nhat 3

It’s possible that this only happens with posters

Mbappe and Haaland are considered the future generation of Ballon d’Or who can succeed the class of Messi, CR7. Therefore, he needed a piece of land where he had to be the boss of the whole team, to be a leading flag. What does Real currently have? In addition to the class of retired veterans like Benzema, Modric …, they are recreating their galaxy. And if Mbappe joins Real, he will be the flagship of that galacticos 5.0 in the future, a club icon of the same caliber as Zidane and CR7 were.

And most fundamentally, in the midst of a rebuilding Real, if Mbappe comes to this point, he will have to take on the role of “carrying the team”. Strength – weakness at Real then will depend a lot on Mbappe himself. That will be a great material for the legendary story to begin. To put it bluntly, at Real, Mbappe will not have to be hidden from anyone and will not be judged that he plays well thanks to being in a perfect team.

This personal reason is what makes Mbappe want to leave PSG. To be a great player, you must perform great feats. At the age of 22, if he carries Real to the title, it will be a real miracle. Simply, at that time, mentioning Real was referring to Mbappe. What will you have at PSG? If you win the Champions League, people will only talk about a dream star of Paris and not focus on any other specific individual role. And there, Mbappe is also more likely to win the Ballon d’Or if he takes Real to the Champions League.

Moreover, playing for Real has always been the burning dream of any professional star (except for the stars who love Barca to the point of detesting Real). Mbappe is no exception. Real has a magical attraction that he can hardly escape, especially when that club used to be the place where his two idols, Zidane and CR7, conquered a lot.

Mbappe will still want to go to Real Madrid more than anything

Mbappe will still want to go to Real Madrid more than anything

It would make sense for Mbappe to go to Real now. And it also makes sense for the Champions League. At least, PSG will have enough counterbalance to make their Champions League conquest more admirable.

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