Minh Vuong, Xuan Truong should be more trusted by Mr. Park?

2 HAGL players have scored in recent practice matches and Mr. Park has reason to trust them in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

The shine of the sub-dual

The match between the Vietnam national team and U22 Vietnam took place 2 days ago, but its impact is huge. Mr. Park must have received positive signals from his students, especially in the performances of rookies or the brilliance of the supporting duo – Minh Vuong and Xuan Truong. This is really necessary and should happen in the team because the competition right now is huge for positions.

In the first practice match, Minh Vuong was the player selected by Mr. Park to play and he had a goal of his own. During many training sessions, the players on the HAGL club’s staff made great efforts to take the main kick, but did not receive too much trust from Mr. Park in the second qualifying round.

But the goal in the last match helped the Korean leader have more optimism about this midfielder. The desire of Minh Vuong can be clearly seen. In the past, the player born in 1995 had missed appointments with the national team’s shirt many times, so when he had the opportunity, he seemed to pour 200% of his energy into the training sessions or matches that he was allowed to play.

Minh Vuong scored in the last practice match of the Vietnam national team

In the second match, Xuan Truong was said to be the most outstanding player on the field when he also contributed a goal. The goal of the original midfielder Tuyen Quang from a direct free kick is described as extremely beautiful. It is certainly a bold mark and has scored a big point in the eyes of Coach Park Hang Seo.

The opponents in the next 3rd qualifying round of the Vietnamese national team are all excellent from attack to defense, that’s why the 62-year-old strategist needs players with good free-kick ability in the squad to take advantage. make full use of the opportunity that ‘Golden Dragon’ has. In fact, Xuan Truong has been a skilled free kicker of the team for a long time and he will share the fire with Quang Hai to shoulder this responsibility.

Both Minh Vuong and Xuan Truong are currently just secondary for Cong Phuong, Quang Hai or Tuan Anh in the team. The goals in the 2 practice matches may not say much, but it is an affirmation of the ability of the two stars playing for HAGL.

Mr. Park will bet for the extra pair?

2 goals against Vietnam U22 are positive signs, showing the efforts of Minh Vuong and Xuan Truong. They all contributed a lot on the offensive front, the high flying performance of both helped Mr. Park feel more secure in the time when the ‘Golden Star Warriors’ encountered a stalemate.

Remember in the second qualifying round of the World Cup taking place in the UAE. Xuan Truong was played more by the Korean military leader because Tuan Anh suffered an unnecessary injury. Then the original player Tuyen Quang showed a superior face in the midfield. Not only promoting his strengths in long passes or finishing shots outside the penalty area, but Xuan Truong’s defensive skills also improved markedly.

If Tuan Anh always has trouble with his legs, then maybe Xuan Truong will start in the main squad in the next matches playing next to Quang Hai or even Duy Manh – this person has a great performance. quite good in the defensive midfielder position when tested by Mr. Park in the recent friendly match.

Xuan Truong is in very good form since returning from injury

Minh Vuong is less fortunate than Xuan Truong when this player does not have many opportunities to play because there are better people in the same position. However, in the last match of the second qualifying round against the UAE, midfielder Thai Binh came on board in a small amount of time and he made good use of the opportunity to get 1 goal and 1 assist.

Perhaps, many teams do not have too much information about Minh Vuong because he rarely appears. This will be considered an advantage for this player and it is entirely possible that Minh Vuong becomes Coach Park Hang Seo’s secret weapon.

The role of both players mentioned above of HAGL is gradually getting bigger in the team. Mr. Park needs to have reasonable calculations for each individual and Minh Vuong as well as Xuan Truong are able to let the Korean military leader put their trust.


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