Lionel Messi case: Let’s talk about money

At the moment, PSG and Barcelona are two emotional extremes. At Barca is sadness, and at PSG is the joy of waiting for a legend to enter the Park of the Princes…

Nostalgic cules are gradually stripping away the last number 10 shirts of Barca, with Messi’s name on them, hoping to keep the last bit of a legend, a King of the Nou Camp, a bridge. The greatest player in the history of world football that La Masia is proud to create, a person that perhaps in a hundred years it is unlikely that any player will surpass the record peaks that he has set in the club shirt.

The Parisiens were in a different mood. The Eiffel Tower has been rented out for the launch of Lionel Messi. In front of their stores in the Parc des Princes, in the Champs Elysses… there and around the world there were already supporters waiting to buy the club’s newest jersey, with Lionel Messi’s name on the back and the same number. shirt (most likely) is 19. Messi did not take the number 10 shirt back despite Neymar’s intention to give it up. He used his first shirt number at Barca, number 19, as a start, as a revival.

The Eiffel Tower has been rented out for the launch event of Lionel Messi

The Eiffel Tower has been rented out for the launch event of Lionel Messi

All these details make anyone who loves Barca feel more heartbroken. Who will they put all their anger on? Tebas, president La Liga, who, in their opinion, were so rigid that a salary cap adjustment could not help La Liga retain a genius. Or the “crowd” of Griezmann, Coutinho, who refuse to leave the club so that Messi can stay? And certainly, they will look at the story of shirt sales these days to ask a question: “Keeping Messi can cost Barca 100 million euros in 5 years, but at the same time, Messi also brings sales to Barca.” Barca enough to make up for that small 100 million euros?”.

The truth always carries the weight of reason, like an iron fist that makes people’s emotions fall back in shock. If Messi is still a math problem, an investment item that can balance revenue and expenditure on its own, Laporta is not foolish to terminate the contract with him. Laporta is a very good businessman. No exaggeration, if I had to vote for the top 5 best club presidents in the contemporary football world, Laporta deserves a place in that group next to Real Madrid’s Perez. Surely, he will save Barca from this financial crisis if given him enough time and enough patience if the team has a season or two that are not very satisfactory.

What is the truth about the Messi problem? The salary in the last contract he signed with Barca and the actual salary in his agreement with Barca (broken) is not much different. Messi’s salary is 40 million euros / season, but in fact, Barca has to pay Messi more than that. According to Forbes, each year, Messi’s salary and bonus (known as sports income or income on the pitch) amount to 82.5 million euros, contributing to bringing him to the 2nd place in the top of the top-earning sports athletes. highest income in the world.

Financial interests of some players for their clubs

Financial interests of some players for their clubs

With the income from Barca up to 82.5 million euros, what financial benefits does Messi bring to the club? Messi’s non-sports revenue (advertising, shirt sales, souvenir sales…) in 2020 is 27.2 million euros. Thus, assuming that the contract between Messi and Barca brings Barca 50% of the revenue from Messi’s image, the amount Barca earns from Messi will also be 27.2 million euros. If you bring that number to compare with the 82.5 million euros that Barca had to pay him, this investment item made Barca lose 55.3 million euros.

That’s exactly what prompted Laporta to come to a decision that was said to be anomalous. But it is the right decision because what always needs to be protected is Barcelona, ​​not a supporter’s feelings that need to be pampered. In particular, Messi’s retirement is only sooner or later. In this risk, Laporta does not see the fundamental big opportunity because the time left for Messi is practically running out.

Ronaldo is the player who brings the most financial benefits to the club

Ronaldo is the player who brings the most financial benefits to the club

The story of the balance between salary and bonus and non-sports revenue of a superstar category was also a problem that Perez had to calculate. He pushed CR7 to Juve also because he wanted to rebalance the club’s finances. Who is CR7? Although he is only 3rd among the highest-paid athletes in the world, he has a lot more revenue outside of sports than Messi. In 2020, Ronaldo earns 40 million euros from his image. How could an old fox like Perez lose such a good chunk of revenue? Never. He only let go when he didn’t see a profit.

And now, the problem belongs to PSG. With a salary proposed by PSG for Messi of 40 million euros per season, it is certain that the bonus each season for him can hardly be lower than what he enjoyed at Barca before. How will PSG “sell” Messi? The answer lies in their client file and if they don’t believe in Messi’s ability to benefit, they certainly won’t commit to such an expensive deal.

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