How did Bartomeu destroy Barca?

Who is to blame for Messi leaving? Each person will have their own interpretation to attribute responsibility to a particular character. But if I had to name a true destroyer, it is likely that many people would agree to choose Josep Maria Bartomeu.

In February 2021, when Joan Laporta entered the final stage of the race for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​he made a general statement that Messi alone brought in a third of Barcelona’s revenue and he would resolutely keep Messi. There is even a calculation that every year Messi alone brings 300 million euros to the club. And now, with Messi gone, there are calculations about the potential financial loss Barca will incur. That calculation is not necessarily accurate, because it is emotional, but certainly, losing Messi is a real pain for Barca when the Argentine player is the biggest symbol of the club.

In fact, Laporta gives information that Messi earns one-third of Barca’s revenue not only to praise Messi simply. It was an attack on the old leadership, especially Bartomeu, when Laporta used the word “out of control” to explain Barca’s revenue decline so dramatically that a third of it was brought from value of a single player. Laporta’s one-third estimate is also just a sensory assessment, not an audit agency confirmed by specific numbers and documents. Because really, if Messi is able to bring Barca that much revenue, Laporta is not foolish to let him go when Messi himself is still a profitable account.

El Mundo newspaper once revealed shocking numbers

El Mundo newspaper once revealed shocking numbers

Only the number of 555 million euros that Messi earned from Barca in 4 years 2017-2021 is a real number. This 30-equipment contract revealed from the beginning of 2021 has not been denied by either Messi or Barca. The cost is real. Revenue is only partially real, and part is always an estimate. And we’ve all seen how dramatically life changes? 2 years of Covid-19 raging is 2 years all estimates fall.

And one more real thing is the current state of Barca. 1.4 billion of short-term debt out of the 1.7 billion that Barca is carrying comes from the loss of control of the Bartomeu era. In the immediate future, to solve it, Laporta has been approved by the council to sign a loan of 1 billion euros for 15 years to process. And besides that debt is a bunch of high-paid stars that Barca must pay for them at least until they find a suitable buyer. But the requirement for Barca at this time is still an achievement because football is a business based on quite a lot of achievements.

We do not need to repeat the deals to buy Dembele, Coutinho and Griezmann because the facts surrounding them are already too clear. Barca’s debt mostly also comes from these transfers. We need to look at Bartomeu’s organizational management to better understand why Barca’s serious injury today is. And certainly, many people will regret knowing how Barca could have existed without spending more than 1 billion euros on transfers in the period 2014-2019.

The day Barca announced the new president - Bartomeu

The day Barca announced the new president – Bartomeu

Bartomeu took over as president from Rosell, in an interim role, but then won big hearts thanks to his 2015 Champions League win and thus official election. When Bartomeu took over Barca, the sporting director at that time was former player Zubizarreta, who bought Luis Suarez and Neymar to create the glamorous MSN trio. But Bartomeu dismissed this CEO and during his time in power, he also employed four other people in this key position.

The lack of a good sporting director and working long enough has caused Barca to encounter disasters in the transfer market. In 2017, Neymar moved to PSG. To replace Neymar, a Spanish broker, Junior Minguella, introduced Barca to an emerging young player named Mbappe. Minguella did not hear from Barca for a long time. Finally, he received a text message from Javier Bordas, a commissioner of Barca, saying that “neither the coach nor the president like him”.

And it’s not just Mbappe who was rejected. Later, Javier Bordas himself also revealed that Erling Haaland was also criticized for “not Barca style”. Perhaps, this is the biggest mistake that the Bartomeu team has made. Not only did it have financial consequences as Barca instead bought high-priced players they were harder to use, it also cost Barca the opportunity to build a competitive squad for the future. long term, when Messi retired.

Now, in addition to the debt, excess and financial losses that may come due to the Messi effect, Laporta also has to face the task of rebuilding Barca, to be competitive in both worlds. La Liga Champions League or not. In that bad luck, there is more bad luck. Aguero has just arrived at the Nou Camp with an injury and will probably only return in November. In Bartomeu’s hand, there was no more money left to manage. The 1 billion euro loan that the council approved for him has very clear rules that it cannot be used for transfers nor compensation for salary funds.

Bartomeu's mistake is too big

Bartomeu’s mistake is too big

Indeed, the mistake of one individual Bartomeu caused an entire organization to struggle. But no matter what, Barca is still a global brand and a sports brand in the top. Even their La Masia oven does. The name La Masia itself is already a brand. All those powers will help Barca like a phoenix revived after bathing in a sea of ​​fire and ashes. Only thing, that phoenix needs the cules’ patient support because to overcome this difficult time is not just an overnight thing.

Of course, deep down, they still have a wish. If only there was never a president like Bartomeu…

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