HAGL suddenly ‘revived hope’ to win the V-League 2021

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Club may still have the opportunity to win the V-League 2021 championship with the upcoming plan of VPF and representatives of the teams.

Highlights HAGL vs Binh Duong (Source: Next Media)

The fate of the V-League 2021 is a hot topic of Vietnamese football these days. After the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) decided to officially stop the top club tournament on August 21, whether or not the team won the championship still has no answer.

Recently, the Executive Board of VFF has agreed to assign the Vietnam Professional Football Joint Stock Company (VPF) to work with the clubs in the direction of stopping the V-League 2021. Accordingly, VPF is planning to be able to proceed. Online meeting with clubs on August 25 to get final opinions on this issue.

'Stop V-League, HAGL and Viettel to kick-out the championship'-63261
HAGL may be awarded the V-League 2021 trophy after the club referendum

Specifically, VPF will conduct a poll of clubs on whether recognize the current ranking after 12 rounds, award the championship to HAGL (the leading team) or cancel all results from the beginning of the season, erase the redo in the next season.

In addition, the clubs may also present their opinion that the top 3 should be recognized to select teams to attend the AFC Champions League 2022 (HAGL) and the AFC Cup 2022 (Viettel and Than Quang Ninh – the 2nd and 3rd place teams). .

Before VFF held a meeting on this afternoon of August 21, many clubs have sent documents to request the suspension of the tournament or offer to support operating expenses during the absence of football. Some teams like Nam Dinh and Hai Phong estimate cost losses of up to 15-20 billion VND if V.League 2021 is postponed to February 2022.


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