Does Van Lam have enough time to regain the main catch?

Coach Park Hang Seo decided to enter Dang Van Lam’s name on the list of Vietnam Tel. So when he returns to the national team, the 28-year-old goalkeeper will regain the trust of the captain?

Mr. Park decided to bet

An information about the force of Vietnam Tel for the upcoming 2022 World Cup third qualifying campaign has just been updated. Dang Van Lam is the next name that Coach Park Hang Seo summoned to the team. The goalkeeper born in 1993 will return and prepare for two matches against Saudi Arabia and Australia with the “Golden Star Warriors” after being absent from the final series of the second qualifying round due to force majeure.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has announced the addition of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam. However, the 28-year-old keeper could not join his teammates because he had to play for Cerezo Osaka club and was only returned to the team according to FIFA’s schedule. The presence of Van Lam promises to create a positive competition for the goalkeeper position of Vietnam Tel.

In order to make such a decision, over the past time, Coach Park Hang Seo has assigned goalkeeping coach Nguyen The Anh the task of regularly monitoring and updating Van Lam’s situation, performance issues as well as health. receive special attention. From that information, the Korean military leader entered this goalkeeper’s name on the list.

Does Van Lam have enough time to regain the main catch?  70101
Van Lam will reunite with his teammates on August 29

The Hai Phong-born temple keeper is expected to move from Japan to Saudi Arabia on August 29 when earlier (August 28) Cerezo Osaka will play against Gamba Osaka. That is, Van Lam only has about 3 days to practice with his teammates. This is the time that this goalkeeper needs to prove his ability with the parameters that Goalkeeper Coach Nguyen The Anh has collected before.

The addition of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam also means that Cong Phuong will not join the team to prepare for the first two matches in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Because up to the present time, the military leader The Koreans made a preliminary decision that after summoning Van Lam, they would not call anyone by name. That shows that Mr. Park is giving priority to the position in the defense when the opponents in front all have great attack power.

Will the main chance still be with Van Lam?

As mentioned above, Van Lam only has about 3 days to catch up with his teammates at the team. This is a big disadvantage for the goalkeeper born in 1993 in competing with other goalkeepers. However, the main capture opportunity for Van Lam is still there.

The reason why Park still decided to put Van Lam’s name on the list is because the goalkeeper’s talent is hard to argue with. Lam is extremely quick in situations where reflexes are needed, which has been proven through many matches. 1m89 tall with long arm span, the goalkeeper playing for Cerezo Osaka is creating confidence in the ball phase to catch the ball, especially when the opponents coming here are all very tall and abuse the strategy of crossing wings to hit the ball. head.

It can be seen that Tan Truong fully meets the above skills, but the pressure in the matches in the 3rd qualifying round is extremely large. The error will be high and the goalkeeper of Hanoi Club understands this better than ever with sad memories before.

Does Van Lam have enough time to regain the main catch?  70103
The talent of Hai Phong’s original goalkeeper is indisputable

In the past 2 years, although he did not start for Vietnam, Van Lam’s skills have improved markedly through training videos at Muangthong United or Cerezo Osaka. He showed an improvement in his footwork and it was an adaptation of a modern player.

It will be the next math problem for Mr. Park, the problem here is that Van Lam only had 3 days of training with his teammates who have not played together for too long. Maybe above this goalkeeper are familiar players like Duy Manh, Tien Dung or Hai Que, but they have had certain changes in skills or thinking about playing football.

Therefore, 3 training sessions is a very short time, so how Van Lam shows in front of goalkeeping coach Nguyen The Anh is extremely important. If you pass the test, the ability to catch the main goalkeeper of Hai Phong for the match against Saudi Arabia is very high.

Mr. Park must have made his own choices, it is likely that Tan Truong will catch the first match and Van Lam will now have more time to adapt, thereby starting in the match against Australia.


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