Coach Park was designed by a Brazilian expert to ‘treat’ China

Vietnam Tel is about to enter the final World Cup 2022 and of course, this information has received great attention from domestic and foreign fans.

VIDEO: Quang Hai and Cong Phuong scored for the Vietnamese national team in the AFF Cup 2018 (Source: Next Sport)

The Vietnam national team has officially gathered since August 5 to prepare for the third World Cup 2022 in Asia. The upcoming journey of Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students is extremely difficult. Because, the chance for us to participate in the 2022 World Cup is not much when we have to face strong opponents like Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China or even Oman.

Among them, the match against China is the most awaited by Vietnamese fans. Because, in many aspects from the media of both countries, the atmosphere before this competition is becoming more tense than ever.

However, it is a fact that at the present time, the possibility for the Vietnamese national team to win against China is not high. If you look at the forces as well as the confrontational achievements of the two teams, the Chinese team is much more appreciated than Vietnam.

Vietnam Tel will meet China Tel in the final World Cup 2022.

From the perspective of coach Ailton Silva (former coach of Chiangrai United club), Vietnam Tel promises to face many difficulties in the near future when it meets China in the final World Cup.

“Honestly, if comparing the level between the two teams, the Chinese team with a strong investment in naturalizing players is being appreciated more than Vietnam.

I know Mr. Lee and understand that he has a very special way of coaching. We met in a coaching class and he talked a lot about the goals to come. I think those are not idle words and what he is about to do with the Chinese team is worth waiting for.

However, if it is to talk about how for Vietnam to win against China, it is not without. For example, your opponents use a lot of non-native players.

NSThat will create a certain discontinuity in how to communicate and understand each other. Besides, fighting spirit is also something that Vietnam Tel should carefully study the opponent. This will be a good match, I can’t predict who will win“, coach Ailton Silva shared with us.

According to the original plan, the upcoming Vietnam Tel will fly to Saudi Arabia on August 26. After going to Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team has about 7 days of practice before meeting the home team on September 2 at King Saud University Stadium.

VFF leader: ‘Vietnam Tel will come to Saudi Arabia soon


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