China ‘turns the car’, Vietnam national team benefits?

The Chinese Football Federation is trying to organize matches at home (starting with the match against Vietnam) instead of playing at a neutral field in Qatar.

Video: 10 goals against the West Asian representatives of Vietnam Tel (Source: Next Sport)

Only about 10 days left, the first match of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers – Asia region will officially take place, that’s why the teams are racing to get good preparation.

In the first two matches, China will have to move to the Gulf to play. The reason is that both Australia and China have to choose a neutral field instead of playing at home. The complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic made China lose a great advantage.

However, recently the Chinese media has confirmed that this country’s Football Federation is making efforts to bring the matches back to their home ground (starting from the match against the Vietnamese national team).

If the match against Vietnam is held in China, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will also benefit a lot. Que Ngoc Hai and his teammates will only need to move to a neighboring country instead of having to go on a long journey to West Asia.

This ensures both health and economic security. Because in September, the Vietnamese national team will have a trip to Saudi Arabia and it takes nearly 20 hours to move.

China vs Vietnam match will take place at China’s home ground?

However, in the immediate future, coach Li Tie’s teachers and students will have to focus on two matches against the top candidates for the ticket to go on to the 2022 World Cup finals. Based on the difference in Chinese level, it will be difficult to create. Surprised by these two teams.

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