China is worried when the Vietnamese national team runs perfectly

Chinese media is feeling worried when the Vietnamese national team won two recent friendly matches.

Video: 10 goals against the West Asian representatives of Vietnam Tel (Source: Next Sport)

Recently, the Vietnamese national team had an internal friendly match with Vietnam U22 to prepare for the matches of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. In these two matches, Coach Park Hang Seo’s team won 2 victories. -1 before “junior”.

The fact that Vietnam won against U22 Vietnam along with the Oman team also got important victories in the training trip to Serbia made the Chinese press worried.

Sina newspaper wrote: “The first round of the World Cup Qualifiers is getting closer and closer. Currently all teams are warming up and preparing for the match. In Group B, the Vietnamese team played two matches with U22, Oman is also playing. training tour in Europe.

Post in Sina newspaper.

The Vietnamese team has started to “heat up” with 2 consecutive victories, while Oman won 3 consecutive victories. This is not a small challenge for the Chinese national team. These two teams are considered the dark horse teams in Group B.

Both teams have a warm-up match, while the Chinese team before the match against Australia did not have a friendly match. There is a long gap between the two sides’ preparation.”

According to the plan, the Chinese national team will have to move to the Gulf to prepare for the first two matches against Australia and Japan. Meanwhile, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will also go to Saudi Arabia on August 28 before returning to My Dinh’s home ground to welcome Australia.

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