Chairman of Hai Phong Club confirmed that there was a statement attacking VPF

Thursday 19/08/2021 17:43(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

Chairman Tran Van Hoan admitted that he had made statements directed at VPF after receiving a written request to explain the incident.

Recently, VPF sent a document to Hai Phong Club asking Chairman Tran Van Hoan to explain some of his recent statements in an electronic magazine. VPF believes that these articles are offensive, smearing VPF’s reputation, and worsening the image of Vietnamese football.

Specifically, the Chairman of Hai Phong Club expressed frustration when VPF announced the postponement of V.League 2021 to February 2022. Given that this is a one-way decision, regardless of the clubs, Mr. Hoan was frank: “Since the announcement of the postponement, VPF has not asked anything. If they do that, there is no reason for us to welcome them to Lach Tray.”

Chairman of Hai Phong Club confirmed that there was a statement attacking VPF images
Chairman of Hai Phong Club, Tran Van Hoan received a request from VPF to explain his statements.

Before the above incident, President Tran Van Hoan admitted his statements were true. And he shared on Zing:

“I have received a written request for explanation from VPF. I will reply in writing from VPF. I confirm that I have said so, I am correct, 100% true. I have said a lot. but they cut mine, I will reply in writing to both VPF and the press about this.

Not only us, but all clubs, the postponement of the tournament until 2022, each team lost over 10 billion VND. In the immediate future, what we can do to fix it, how to fix it, we have to accept it. Now there is no decision, the game has to be accepted.”

Mr. Tran Van Hoan officially took the position of Chairman of Hai Phong Club at the end of April, replacing Mr. Tran Manh Hung. Since taking the role of chairman of Hai Phong Club, Mr. Van Tran Hoan has made many positive moves such as renovating the pitch, facilities at Lach Tray, stabilizing the players’ spirit…

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