Cerezo Osaka updated Dang Van Lam’s ‘extreme’ happenings

Recently, the governing team updated Dang Van Lam’s practice in Japan when he repeatedly frustrated his teammates.

VIDEO: Dang Van Lam practiced hard (Source: Cerezo Osaka)

On August 20, Cerezo Osaka Club posted a video of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam practicing hard with his teammates with the title: “Van Lam practiced extremely hard, continuously dissolving dangerous shots”. This is a rare video about Dang Van Lam’s training situation in Japan when this goalkeeper often has to sit out in Cerezo Osaka’s matches.

In this training session, Van Lam performed excellently when he repeatedly blocked dangerous shots from his teammates. Immediately, the post received many compliments from Vietnamese fans. Many people believe that, if they practice hard like this, Vietnamese goalkeepers will soon be used.

Besides, Van Lam’s good performance gives fans some peace of mind when the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers are only 10 days away from officially kicking off.

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Dang Van Lam constantly frustrated his teammates in the latest training session.

Recently, Dang Van Lam was also summoned by Coach Park Hang Seo to be added to the Vietnam national team. This is also the only player of the Vietnamese team who is sure to go to Saudi Arabia up to this point. However, the goalkeeper on the staff of Cerezo Osaka will have to compete fiercely with Tan Truong to be able to win the main catch.

As expected, on August 29, Van Lam will fly directly from Japan to West Asia to reunite with his teammates to prepare for the 2022 World Cup Qualifier campaign.

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