Causing Mr. Park to throw a ‘trump card’, the Philippines received a bitter ending before Vietnam

At the AFF Cup 2018, Coach Park Hang Seo made ingenious changes that made the Philippines “hate” and watched the Vietnamese national team reach the final.

VIDEO: Quang Hai and Cong Phuong scored for the Vietnamese national team in the AFF Cup 2018 (Source: Next Sport)

The Philippines is considered as one of the most difficult hurdles for the Vietnamese national team in the journey to conquer the 2018 AFF Cup championship. That’s why this team had a game full of efforts, making it difficult for the teacher. Coach Park Hang Seo in the semi-final second leg at My Dinh Stadium.

After a few minutes of stalemate, Coach Park Hang Seo decided to put Cong Phuong on the field instead of Duc Huy and the tactical changes completely changed the game. After Quang Hai’s goal, Cong Phuong had a classy treatment, eliminating the defensive players of the Philippines before launching a shot to increase the score to 2-0.

Cong Phuong writes
Cong Phuong and Quang Hai once made the Philippines “hold hatred”.

In the end, the Vietnamese national team got a 2-1 victory over the opponent to reach the final and then crowned the AFF Cup champion after 10 years of waiting.


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