Cambodia learns from Vietnam’s football way

Recently, the Cambodia National Competition Commission has decided to change the format of the national football tournament in this country.

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In the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic that directly affect domestic football tournaments, recently the Cambodia National Competition Commission has made important changes.

Accordingly, the second phase of the national football championship will be held with the same format as the current V-League. Specifically, phase 2 of the C-League 2021 will be divided into two groups. The top 8 teams after the end of phase 1 will compete together to win the championship. The last 5 teams will compete for relegation. This is considered the optimal solution to complete the season in the context of the epidemic.

The Cambodian National Championship is played in the format of the V-League. (Photo: Phnom Penh Crown)

In the V-League, since the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, the tournament organizers decided to change the competition format. In the first season, Viettel was the team that won the championship after a fierce competition with Hanoi and Saigon FC. In Group B, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh and Quang Nam also had to wait until the last seconds to determine the team to play in the National First Division 2021.

This season, the V-League continues to play in this format. Currently, after the first 12 rounds, V-League 2021 has to be postponed and will return in February 2022. HAGL is the leading team and is likely to win the first leg.

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