BLV Quang Huy predicts the position of Vietnam’s goalkeeper

Thursday 19/08/2021 11:09(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

With goalkeeper Dang Van Lam being called up to the team, the competition in front of the wooden frame is becoming hotter than ever. And BLV Quang Huy has shared about this.

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Sharing about the main catch in front of Vietnam’s goal in the opening match against Saudi Arabia in the third qualifying round, World Cup 2022, BLV Quang Huy said that Dang Van Lam was difficult to be used by Coach Park Hang Seo when he was not spend more time with teammates.

According to the expected schedule, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam can fly directly from Japan to Saudi Arabia from August 29 to join the Vietnamese team. The fact that Lam “west” could not focus earlier because of the schedule in the Japanese league made him face many disadvantages in the competition for a place in the upcoming match.

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BLV Quang Huy predicts Dang Van Lam will have to sit on the bench for Tan Truong

According to the plan, this overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper only had 3 training sessions with his teammates to prepare for the match against Saudi Arabia on the evening of September 2. With a short concentration period, plus not being able to regularly compete in Japan, it will be an obstacle for Lam “west” to return to the official squad of the red shirt army.

Sharing about this issue, BLV Quang Huy also believes in Bui Tan Truong. This person shared with the press: “In fact, for a goalkeeper with good physique, strength and expertise like Van Lam, his presence in the Vietnam national team is still the most appropriate and stable choice. before many big opponents in the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

However, Van Lam returned to Vietnam with a fairly up-to-date plan, with limited time, Tan Truong is still someone who can be trusted. At the time 3 to 4 days before the match, Van Lam was present in the team, it was difficult to reach the best condition. That’s why I haven’t talked about limited flight routes or many other problems at a time of complicated translation.

Tan Truong was given the opportunity in three matches on UAE soil. He also performed very well in the Vietnam national team shirt. In my opinion, against Saudi Arabia, the goalkeeper of the Vietnamese team is still Tan Truong. Returning to My Dinh’s home ground to meet Australia on September 7, maybe Van Lam will be given a chance, if things go better.”

The three current Vietnamese goalkeepers, including Bui Tan Truong, Nguyen Van Hoang and Nguyen Van Toan, are under the guidance of goalkeeping coach Nguyen The Anh. In the past time, Coach Park Hang Seo has been closely monitoring and regularly discussing the lesson plan and the training situation of the goalkeepers.

If Van Lam joins the national team, one of the three goalkeepers mentioned above will have to “stay at home”. Most likely it will be the SLNA keeper Nguyen Van Hoang. Before that, he was only called up for the last matches in the second qualifying round after Van Lam could not join the F1 team of a Covid-19 case at Cerezo Osaka.

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