Bitter because of a salary debt, the Chinese player got into a fight on the field

An unsportsmanlike situation took place in the Chinese league, causing the mainland audience to express their anger.

VIDEO: Zhang Chengdong’s unsportsmanlike action (Source: Sinasport)

Recently, the Chinese league has just witnessed a fight situation right on the field. Specifically, in the match between Changchun Yatai and Hebei, the players of both teams could not keep their composure in the last minutes of the match.

Zhang Chengdong (Hebei FC) had a strong impact on a player on the opposing side, causing the player to fall to the ground. Minutes earlier, Zhang Chengdong was constantly provoked by his friend’s team.

According to Chinese media, with the above unsportsmanlike behavior, Zhang Chengdong was suspended for 5 matches by the CFA with a fine of 50,000 yuan. In addition, Wang Peng was also banned from playing for 2 matches for provoking the opponent.

Zhang Chengdong was born in 1989, he spent 32 matches in the Chinese national team shirt. However, in the gathering to prepare for the third VL World Cup 2022, coach Li Tie did not enter this player’s name.

Chinese player 70149
A fight has just happened in the Chinese league (Photo: Sina)

“The anger was further aggravated by being owed wages. Their punishment has brought the Super League to a boil.” Sinasport newspaper reported.

Sinasport newspaper further reported that Hebei FC’s players had fallen into a depressed mentality and were not motivated to play because the host team was having great financial difficulties.

In the absence of captain Zhang Chengdong, the captaincy was handed over to Yin Hongbo. A former player had to motivate the whole team amid a long-term salary debt, he wrote on MXH:

“People never give up. The results of each match are the basis for the management to review the salary and bonus situation.

I hope that the club will solve it soon so that the fighting spirit of the whole team can return.”

After Filip Nguyen, another Vietnamese-born goalkeeper was honored in Europe


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