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When Messi’s aura urged Mbappe to be closer to Real

On the morning of August 30, Ligue 1 and French football officially welcomed their great event: Lionel Messi made his debut for PSG. Even when the Argentine superstar was just starting to warm up outside the touchline, incessant applause broke out from all over the stands.

At that time, the result of the match or who scored the goal was no longer important. And will Kylian Mbappe with his huge ego feel himself overshadowed by the 34-year-old superstar?

Messi greets Ligue 1 and Mbappe’s sad

It was not until the 66th minute of the match between Reims and PSG that Lionel Messi had the opportunity to debut his new team and also to say “hello” to Ligue 1. Just a few minutes earlier, the score of the match. It was already 2-0 and the author of both goals was Kylian Mbappe.

30 minutes on the field, but it must be admitted that what Messi left on PSG’s play is not much. It is understandable that the 34-year-old superstar has just regained his fitness after the busy summer break, and the training process with the whole team is not much.

But the charm and aura that the former Barca player radiates is really terrible. Half a million fans in Spain watched Messi play in a new shirt. Leading European newspapers also follow El Pulga’s every move.

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All eyes in Ligue 1 are on this moment

Reims fans clapped their hands every time they had the ball despite the home team being 2-0 down. The goalkeeper of the home team, Predrag Rajkovic, brought his son in just to ask to take a commemorative photo with Messi.

Kylian Mbappe can’t deny the charm of his new teammate, whether he wants to or not. The French striker constantly directs his gaze towards Messi’s movement when he has the ball.

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Mbappe is also ready to give up personal breakthrough situations as usual to pass to Messi. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Messi is the new magnet of PSG, of Ligue 1 and of current French football. With the aura of the 34-year-old superstar, Mbappe with his sky-high ego will be content with his fate?

Mbappe will decide to go to Real Madrid?

After the tumultuous past days about moving in, Kylian Mbappe’s future has suddenly subsided. Real Madrid’s side, after the first enthusiastic offers, began to “be quiet”.

Coach Mauricio Pochettino after the match against Remis told the press: “Kylian Mbappe is our player, you know, the football industry is full of rumors. Our president and athletic director was clear. He is here with us. I’m very happy because the team has got one of the most important players in the world.”

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Mbappe scored a double but the stage was occupied by Messi

The statement is as strong as nailing Mbappe’s future at PSG, at least until this season. But whether Mbappe can stay at the Park of the Princes, especially after seeing his No. 1 position at PSG being “occupyed” by Messi.

Obviously, if he stayed in Ligue 1, the influence and importance of his play would be shared, even reduced. Messi will definitely be the number one nucleus in the squad, where Mbappe, even Neymar will be just dedicated satellites around.

Neymar is ready to do that, which he was used to when he was in the same shirt with Messi at Barca. But for Mbappe, being down to the second and third job at the club will be a bad experience with the sky-high ego of the striker born in 1998.

Real Madrid have made offers and it almost made Mbappe completely submit to the Bernabeu team if he agreed to join. At Los Blancos, he will be the nucleus, the number 1 and also the new symbol of the White Vulture.

The French striker will have privileges at Real without having to share it with anyone. Looking at the current La Liga, after Messi’s departure, this tournament is no longer as attractive as previous seasons.

So when coming here, Mbappe is like a king, the name is ranked in the veddet of the tournament if compared to the rest like Griezmann, Vinicius or even Hazard, Bale, …

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Mbappe’s ego will push him to leave PSG like Neymar did at Barca 4 years ago

Although the Qatari owners are still eager to keep Mbappe, they cannot share at the same time the huge benefits of the team for members who are full of strong personalities.

Mbappe’s departure will happen sooner or later. Neymar once left Barca to go to PSG in 2017 because he didn’t want to be in Messi’s too big shadow. And now that could happen again with Mbappe.

At the age of 22, the player born in 1998 is considered the future and the new symbol of PSG and the French national team. But Mbappe may still be a new icon, the future, but in La Liga. At that time, it will be difficult for PSG to find a name good enough to replace when Messi or Neymar will also leave after a few years.

The joy of having the honor of being joined by Messi is also great, but Mbappe’s headache right now is also much for the heads of PSG. Especially when Real is about to return to take Mbappe to the Bernabeu, next summer at the latest for 0 dong.

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