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Review Zaragoza vs Cartagena at 03:00 on August 31

Identify Zaragoza vs Cartagena

Zaragoza is disappointing right after the start of the 2021/22 season. Therefore, according to football betting experts today, the task of the La Romareda team in the match against Cartagena is nothing but to win all 3 points.

However, it is not okay to want to. Looking at the past confrontation between Zaragoza and Cartagena, it can be seen that defeating this opponent is not easy for Zaragoza. As recorded from the online score, Zaragoza drew the last 2 clashes with Cartagena. Is another draw an easy scenario for the two teams?

.’s recent form Zaragoza vs Cartagena

According to information from Spanish football odds, this match, Zaragoza accepted Cartagena quite gently, only 1/4 left according to Asian rafters. With such odds, the home team can be trusted, especially when the away team’s performance is also very disappointing.

nhan dinh zaragoza vs cartagena 31 8 2021

Cartagena has lost both of the first two matches of the season of the Spanish 2nd Division 2021/22, thereby falling to 20th place in the rankings, ie the position in the group holding the red light. Looking more broadly at 7msport’s scoreboard, the two defeats that Cartagena have just received have made Cartagena extend the winning streak in all official arenas to 4.

The consequence of not winning is that Cartagena also does not bring money to those who place their bets on the Asian market. According to the record, Cartagena lost the Asian bet in 3 of the 4 matches mentioned above, and the remaining match was about money.

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But more worrying for Cartagena is that their away form is also very precarious. Although Cartagena won 3 of the last 15 away trips in all competitions, in the remaining 12 away matches in that statistical circuit, this team received 9 losses.

Those results cannot be a fulcrum for Cartagena in this trip to La Romareda stadium. Because, the home team Zaragoza is showing a very less hospitable face. Statistics from online rafters show that Zaragoza only lost 2 of the last 10 home matches. The rest, they won 4 and drew 4 matches, including bold victories like crushing Castellon to 3-0.

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