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Messi affirms his ambition at the press conference to launch PSG

On the night of August 10 (Vietnam time), Messi officially joined PSG. The Argentine striker was also present at the Park of the Princes to make his debut in the team’s jersey. At the new club, the 34-year-old striker will wear the number 30 shirt – the number he wore at Barcelona during his first stint.

At 4pm on August 11 (Vietnam time), Messi had a debut ceremony at PSG in front of the media. That important event received attention from a large number of football fans around the world.

Sharing at the aforementioned launch press conference, Messi affirmed his ambition with the club when he said: “It is extremely difficult to leave Barcelona after so many years in the shirt. However, as soon as I arrived here, I felt very happy and excited by the love that the fans gave me.

messi khang dinh tham vong buoi hop bao ra mat psg

Messi has officially joined PSG

Everything is happening so fast but I am enjoying the best here. PSG have an excellent coach and a quality squad capable of winning every trophy. This is also the goal that I aim to join the team. I look forward to training and playing with my new teammates soon and conquering tournaments.

My goal and dream is to win the Champions League again. I think me and my teammates can do that in this team.”

Obviously, by joining PSG, Messi not only gives the team significant strength, but also has the opportunity to work side by side with great talented teammates like Di Maria, Neymar or Mbappe. Playing with such excellent satellites will be an opportunity for M10 to shine even more in the 2021/22 season.

messi khang dinh tham vong buoi hop bao ra mat psg 1

He has ambitious shares at the press conference to launch the new club

In addition to the desire to win trophies with the club, M30 also emphasized his ability to play as well as shared about France’s top league, Ligue 1. He added: “I came to the club when I had just spent a year. long break. Therefore, I will definitely have to practice alone and work hard before going into training with the team. I want to play, hopefully soon.

Playing in Ligue 1 will be a new experience for me personally. Now I’m with a new team, new stadium and new opponents. I really look forward to that.”

Speaking to his new teammates, especially Neymar, Messi emphasized: “He (Neymar) played a very important role in my arrival here. I also have a few close friends at this club. That’s one of the reasons why I came to PSG. I am also very impressed with Marco (Verratti). He was chased by Barcelona and now I’m going to Paris to be his teammate. It’s not just Marco, the club’s dressing room has some of the best players in the world.”

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Messi also made a statement when asked about being able to meet Barcelona in the Champions League next season

Besides sharing about PSG as well as new teammates, Messi also spoke when asked about his feelings if he had to meet Barcelona in the Champions League. He said:

“Barcelona has always been my home. There I had many memorable memories, both happy and sad. If I had to play against Barcelona in the Champions League, it would be a very special memory.

On the one hand, I will be back to my old home. On the other hand, it will feel very different when you return home. Of course, I will still have to work hard to win with PSG.”

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