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Link to watch Reims vs PSG live at 1:45 am on August 30

The correlation of forces before the match Reims vs PSG

Information from football today said that the home team Reims will not have the services of Anastasios Donis and Arber Zeneli due to a knee ligament injury. However, the home team still possesses all the pillars to confidently enter the match against PSG.

According to Ligue 1 betting experts, Reims is likely to play with a 3-4-2-1 formation. With goalkeeper Slobodan Rajkovic holding the palace, the five defenders above are Andreaw Gravillon, Wout Faes, Abdelhamid, Thomas Foket and Ghislain Konan. Besides, the midfield will be reinforced by a midfield quartet including Cassama, Xavier Chavalerin, Mathieu Cafaro and Kebbel and El Bilal Toure leading the attack.

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On the PSG side, strategist Mauricio Pochettino will also make some adjustments to personnel and tactics to maintain a winning match. According to the bookmaker tonight, it is likely that PSG will still use the familiar 4-3-3 scheme with the attacking trio of Neymar-Messi-Mbappe.

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According to experts, the French capital team will still maintain the position of goalkeeper Keylor Navas when the player from Costa Rica is showing very good performance in the first 3 matches. Regarding the defence, rookie Sergio Ramos is still in the process of being treated for an injury until September. Instead, there will be familiar names like Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Diallo in charge of the downline.

The news from 7m livescore said that the midfield of PSG will be controlled by the quartet Wijnaldum, Herrera, Verratti, Hakimi with the role of regulating the game and deploying the ball. In terms of attack, Icardi will be the name absent from the next match due to injury. However, Pochettino will not be too worried when the Argentine military leader owns the strongest attacking cards in the world today.

Expected lineup for Reims vs PSG

+ Reims: Bilal Toure, Mathieu Cafaro, Ilan Kebbal, Konan, Cassama, Munetsi, Foket, Gravilon, Wout Faes, Abdehamid, Rajkovic.

+ PSG: Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, Wijnaldum, Herrera, Verratti, Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Diallo, Keylor Navas.

Link to watch Reims vs PSG live at 1:45 am on August 30

Reims vs PSG match at 1:45 am on August 30 is live on K+. However, in order to serve readers to watch the match online, bongda365 would like to introduce the links that will stream this match for free.

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