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Identify Barcelona vs Granada

Returning to La Liga after a crushing defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich in the C1 Cup, Barcelona faced difficulties again. According to Spanish football betting experts, in the domestic playground, Barcelona can no longer threaten formidable opponents as before. Therefore, welcoming the stubborn opponent Granada in this 5th round is not an easy match for Barcelona.

The last time he came as a guest against Barcelona, ​​Granada was really a nuisance for the home team. According to data from football betting, Granada defeated Barcelona with a score of 2-1 right at the Nou Camp in the second leg of La Liga last season between the two sides.

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This should have been the time when Barcelona asked for that debt, when they welcomed Granada at home. But according to the analysis of glue, the internal situation of Barcelona is now as tangled as chives, even if there is a story above and below, it is difficult for this team to play well.

nhan dinh barcelona vs granada 21 9 2021

Specifically, the Barcelona leadership pressured coach Ronald Koeman to sign a new contract with high targets and low remuneration terms. In contrast, the Dutch military leader said that, with Barcelona selling as many stars as last year, this team’s good performance is entirely due to his personal efforts. And he wanted more respect, better treatment.

As a result of the superstructure trouble, under the field, the players’ feet also became difficult to control. Barcelona have only won 2 of the 4 matches played this season on all fronts. Analysis from kembong88 shows that those results caused Barcelona to make those who bet on them on the Asian rafters lose money in all of the last 3 matches.

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Of course, Barcelona’s opponent in this round is no longer as strong as when they defeated coach Koeman’s students at the end of last season. According to statistics from 7m livescore, Granada has not won a match since the beginning of the season. With 2 draws and 2 losses, Granada is falling to 17th in the La Liga table this season.

With that situation, it seems that Granada is not to be trusted. But it should be known that a team when being cornered will be very dangerous. Moreover, with the popular odds in this match that Barcelona handicap 1 1/2 left according to the Asian rafters, choosing the lower door is still better. Because Granada also won the Asian bet in the last 3 times to be a guest against Barcelona.

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