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Comment Villarreal vs Granada 01:00 on August 17

Identify Villarreal vs Granada

Returning to La Liga after losing to Chelsea on penalties in the European Super Cup, Villarreal wanted a victory to dispel regret. And according to la liga betting experts, Granada is quite suitable prey for the defending champion of the C2 Cup to win on the opening day of the Spanish league.

It should be known that, the data from today’s betting shows that Villarreal is still unbeaten after 10 consecutive confrontations with Granada. Specifically, the team nicknamed the Golden Submarine won 6 matches and drew 4 matches against Granada from September 2014 to present.

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With such a head-to-head correlation, plus the home field advantage, Villarreal’s chances of winning are clearly huge. But it needs to be seen, how many goals does the Golden Submarine have to win to be enough to bring money to those who have placed their bets on the Asian rafters?

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Information from the 88th ball shows that this match Villarreal handicaps Granada with a popularity of 1 left according to the Asian rafters. A rather high rate and also little chance of making money for those who want to go top. Because the statistics from kqbd7m recorded that, Villarreal did not win the Asian match in the last 2 matches, they accepted the opponent to 1 left.

But for those who patiently wait for the ball to roll for about 15 minutes to wait for Villarreal’s handicap to lower before placing a bet, the chances of collecting money are quite high. According to the data of the football rate, Villarreal is very cool when winning the Asian match in the last 7/9 official matches in all arenas.

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At home, Golden Underground also won the Asian match in 3 of the last 4 matches. Meanwhile, sad news for those who want to find luck in the bottom team in this match when Granada is playing quite badly away from home. Specifically, this team only won 2 of the last 10 away matches and therefore, only won the Asian handicap in 2 of the 10 matches mentioned above.

In the last 2 times as a guest against Villarreal, Granada held the home team to a draw. But before that, they had 4 consecutive failures in the Golden Submarine’s lair. That failed past is likely to repeat itself with Granada, especially when Villarreal soon heated up with big matches against Real Madrid, MU and Chelsea from the beginning of this summer.

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