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Comment Betis vs Real Madrid 03h00 on August 29

Identify Betis vs Real Madrid

Betis is becoming a phenomenon in La Liga this season, but the phenomenon is not interesting. According to records from the bookie, coach Manuel Pellegrini’s team drew the first two matches of the season with a score of 1-1. If the draw on Mallorca’s field is acceptable, the fact that Betis let Cadiz saw the point 1-1 at home in the second round is disappointing.

Most likely, this match of Betis will end. Instead, there will be a… failure. Because in this third round, Betis has to welcome the giant Real Madrid. It should be known that, the data of football today shows that, in 116 clashes between the two sides in the past, Real Madrid won 64 victories, drew 25 matches and lost only 27 matches to Betis.

.’s recent form Betis vs Real Madrid

That disparity is clearly showing in the previous season. According to the data of Spanish football, Real Madrid defeated Betis with a score of 3-2 right away in the first leg of La Liga last season. In the second leg, when Real Madrid was facing many difficulties, Betis could not collect that debt: the two teams drew 0-0 at Real Madrid’s field.

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The visits to Real Madrid, sadly, only bring great disappointment to Betis as well as the fans of this team. The last 10 encounters with Real Madrid at home in all competitions, Betis lost to 7. And the number of goals they conceded in the 10 matches mentioned above was also tragic: 28 goals conceded.

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This match, Real Madrid is also in the psychological state of a snake being bitten. Statistics from 7m livescore said that, after beating Alaves to 4-1 in the opening match, coach Carlo Ancelotti’s teachers and students let Levante draw with a score of 3-3. The narcissism of the giants of Madrid is on the rise. And Real Madrid will certainly vent their frustrations on the familiar victim named Betis.

Experts believe that Real Madrid will again beat Betis like the last time as a guest against this opponent. That is, the capital team will leave with 3 points after an attractive score chase. It should be known that, in the last 4 away matches of Real Madrid, there were 3 matches where they scored 3 or more goals.

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