‘Anything below elite isn’t enough

Jalen Ramsey is a great cornerback and he demands the same standards from his team day in and day out. For him, when he comes out on the field, just being good is not good enough, he aims for perfection. That is why he is not yet satisfied with the way the Los Angeles Rams have played in training camp and pre-season.

What Jalen Ramsey had to say about the LA Rams’ defensive display

In his own words, Jalen Ramsey said:

“Our standards are so high. Put it that way. It’s not like we’re out here doing terrible or doing bad, but our standards are so high that anything below being elite is not enough, so we’ve just got to push ourselves to those limits.”

He is not wrong in believing that. The Los Angeles Rams had the best defense in the NFL last season. The only thing more difficult than getting to the top is staying there. There is always the feeling that you can relax because the mountain has been scaled, but the other teams will not be sitting idle. They will look to improve, and opposition offenses will look to figure them out.

Therefore, the standards must only get higher and it is good to see Jalen Ramsey not lacking in motivation doing that. He knows that as good as he and his teammates are, he needs to continuously improve to remain at the top.

How Jalen Ramsey and the LA Rams defense can become better

While Jalen Ramsey and his colleagues were the best defensive unit in the league last time around, there are certain areas they are looking to improve on this season.

One area where they can definitely get better is at reading the offense. Jalen Ramsey has credited defensive coordinator Raheem Morris with teaching him how to better understand offensive movements and play calls.

Another area that Jalen Ramsey is focusing on is new techniques. While he can compensate for any wasted movement due to his inbuilt athleticism, that is not the most economical way to play. He has been learning to make his movements smoother.

Thus, it is clear that Jalen Ramsey believes in what he preaches and is looking to keep his standards high. He expects the same from his teammates, so that the current Los Angeles Rams’ defense takes its place amongst legendary units, instead of becoming a single-season wonder.

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