5 of the most fun missions in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has almost 100 missions, so some of them are bound to be more fun than others.

Fun is a subjective term, but GTA San Andreas players typically enjoy epic fights and interesting gameplay in their missions. Something like Supply Lines… isn’t fun for most players because it’s infamously frustrating.

Likewise, a mission like Wrong Side of the Tracks is divisive, with some players liking it and some hating it.

By comparison, these five missions are some of the most exciting pieces of content in GTA San Andreas. There’s plenty of action to be had in them, which makes them more engaging for the average GTA San Andreas fan.

Five of the most fun missions in GTA San Andreas

5) Reuniting the Families


This GTA San Andreas mission starts off simple.

CJ goes to the Jefferson Motel as Sweet is supposed to talk to some of the other sects of the gang. However, it doesn’t go according to the plan, as law enforcement is there to raid the motel.

So CJ goes all-guns-blazing right into the motel. Some GSF members die, but CJ avenges them by killing the numerous SWAT agents in his path. If CJ needs to be healed, he can kiss a few prostitutes. Anyhow, he just needs to save Sweet and get out of the motel.

Then, an epic chase scene occurs. More law enforcement agents try to stop CJ and the crew, and there’s even that iconic scene where a helicopter cuts one of the cops up like it was nothing.

4) Just Business


It’s funny how swapping Big Smoke and CJ’s roles on a motorcycle can turn a mediocre mission into a beloved one.

Just Business is essentially a mission where CJ and Big Smoke do a shootout with some Russians before the duo flee from the scene. Big Smoke drives and CJ shoots, making it a rail shooting mission.

There’s plenty of enemies for the player to shoot, and CJ and Big Smoke aren’t that easy to kill, either. Hence, it’s a fun way to unwind, especially since the previous mission was known to frustrate some players.

It’s an action-packed mission, but it’s also the final mission that the player ever does for Big Smoke in GTA San Andreas.

3) Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s


This might be an optional mission, but it’s still worth doing just for the great cash reward at the end. Plus, the mission itself is a blast to play through, especially since it feels more grand and immersive than the average GTA San Andreas mission.

The main objective of this mission is to steal the mafia’s money from Caligula’s Palace. Naturally, CJ infiltrates the casino after doing some preparation missions, steals the money, and deals with the local law enforcement after Zero’s blunder. There are several Triad members there to help CJ, as well.

In the end of this GTA San Andreas mission, he reaches back to the Verdant Meadows Airfield and makes a serious profit upon doing so.

2) Black Project


Imagine infiltrating the GTA San Andreas equivalent of Area 51 to steal a Jetpack. While this mission is much easier than one would think, it’s still a fun mission full of funny quotes and a bizarre plot.

Needless to say, it also introduces the player to the Jetpack. It’s one of the most innovative vehicles in the entire series, and it’s extremely useful and fun to use in GTA San Andreas.

Even outside of the Jetpack’s debut, this mission is still fun to play through in GTA San Andreas. The enemies are fair to kill, and there are a few alternative ways to approach this mission.

1) End of the Line


Although there is a fair amount of difficulty associated with End of the Line, its checkpoint system makes it more forgiving than one would assume.

Plus, its difficulty is what makes it fun, as there is something exciting about CJ mowing down hordes of Big Smoke’s goons before dueling with the villain himself.

That’s not all, either. CJ eventually goes on an epic chase scene tailing behind Officer Tenpenny. It’s the final mission of the game, so there is a sense of accomplishment for GTA San Andreas players who beat this mission and see the final cutscenes.

It resolves every major plot up to this point in the game, as well.

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