5 GTA glitches that were intentionally left in the game

Glitches are nothing new for players to find and exploit in video games, including those in the GTA franchise.

Grand Theft Auto is known for a handful of things. It is known for the freedom it gives players, violence, fun story elements and an insane amount of glitches throughout its history.

These glitches are quite iconic. In fact, Rockstar Games, the developers of the GTA series, have left a handful of them untouched over the years. They have even included them in multiple entries in the franchise.

Top 5 glitches intentionally left in GTA by Rockstar Games

5) Disappearing Vehicles


This glitch is found within all of the 3D Universe of GTA games and happens occasionally in the HD Universe games as well.

The glitch occurs when a player parks too close to a mission marker. The cutscene triggers, the mission starts, and then the vehicle is gone when the player returns. For some reason, this never got fixed.

4) Car Spawn


The Car Spawn glitch takes place in every 3D Universe GTA entry.

The player is driving at normal speed, then looks behind them in their car. When looking back to the front, there will often be a car or cars that weren’t there before.

It was not present in GTA V, however, due to the new game engine making it less than likely to happen.

3) Car Clumping

An example of car clumping in GTA (Image via Rockstar Games)
An example of car clumping in GTA (Image via Rockstar Games)

Car Clumping is when the same car model appears over and over on the road. In the 3D and HD GTA games, especially heavily modded ones, this occurs quite often.

The same types of cars just pile up on the road, driving normally or sometimes on top of each other. Many believe the cause of this is due to the resource limiter being triggered.

2) Invincible Cops


Have you ever come across a member of GTA law enforcement who just won’t go down? The 3D Universe, and sometimes the HD Universe, has showcased this plenty of times.

When a cop opens the player’s vehicle door, he often becomes invincible. If the player can’t escape, they will be arrested, because shooting them does nothing. The door opening animation continues and the LEO is unscathed.

1) Double Vehicle Explosion


The Double Vehicle Explosion glitch is a common one from the 3D Universe of GTA games.

This is probably the most deadly glitch in the series that stayed throughout a handful of different games. If a car is destroyed while the driver is exiting, the car will catch fire and explode again shortly after.

This happens with higher-powered weapons and may just be Rockstar Games trolling players by making them think they’re safe, only to blow up moments later.

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