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Without Messi, Barca still won “loudly” in the opening match of La Liga

(Country) – The Camp Nou team won an impressive 4-2 victory over the difficult opponent Real Sociedad in the opening match in La Liga 2021/2022.

The sparse spectators at the Camp Nou in the opening match of the new season were expected. But what fans and media are most interested in is what face Barca will show in the first official match after Lionel Messi?

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The starting lineups of Barcelona and Sociedad. Among the rookies of Camp Nou, only Memphis Depay (who has just qualified for registration) was present from the beginning. Young talent Pedri still kicks off even though he just finished last season after Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The jubilant start of Barca

Without Messi, Barca still won

Without Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann was assigned to shoulder the charge of Barcelona’s attack. It was the French star who constantly tormented the old team in the first 15 minutes with at least 3 dangerous finishing situations. In particular, it must be mentioned that the high-class volley catching swerve went off the post in the 10th minute and the header hit the bar 2 minutes later.

Without Messi, Barca still won

But the pressure of the home team also quickly concretized. In the 19th minute, receiving a mid-range pass from Memphis Depay’s free-kick, midfielder Gerard Pique headed down goalkeeper Remiro.

Without Messi, Barca still won

Before the end of the first half, with a strong header, the hero of Barca in this match, Martin Braithwaite increased the score to 2-0.

Without Messi, Barca still won

In the 59th minute, Depay dropped the smart ball to let Jordi Alba escape in the left armpit and launched an uncomfortable horizontal stretch in. The effort of goalkeeper Remiro inadvertently created conditions for Braithwaite to easily finish close to the wall to increase the gap.

Barca overcome difficulties

Without Messi, Barca still won

Leading by 3 goals, Barca suddenly dropped in the second half of the second half. 82 minutes, picking up a smart slot from his teammates, Lobete launched a decisive shot to defeat goalkeeper Neto.

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Just 3 minutes later, the Spaniard Oyarzabal made a superb free-kick to help Sociedad ignite his hopes of winning points at Camp Nou.

Without Messi, Barca still won

However, that hope was officially extinguished in the first minute of injury time. From a quick counter-attack, Braithwaite stretched accurately to Sergi Roberto to seal a 4-2 victory for the home team.

Without Messi, Barca still won

An impressive victory in the opening match of La Liga does not confirm that Barca can live well without Messi. But it is also a very positive and optimistic sign that coach Ronald Koeman and his team have created together. Camp Nou will soon be bustling again…

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