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Vietnam team enters the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with the spirit of “Tran Minh Vuong”

Entering the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, Coach Park Hang-seo and his associates had less than a month to solve the problems of force, physical strength and tactical techniques of the Vietnamese team. That is also the reason that the Korean coach only summoned 31 players instead of more than 40 as originally planned. It can be seen that the current personnel are all familiar faces under Mr. Park, but the recent training sessions at the VFF youth football training center show that the captain is trying to make a difference in his career. matches this time.

Most recently, the Vietnamese team will leave for Saudi Arabia as a guest on August 27. There are only a few days left for Mr. Park to test the squad, “taking risks” to bring in old elements and new positions to bring a different atmosphere to the team.

Vietnam team enter the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with the spirit of

Coach Park Hang-seo is refreshing the squad of the Vietnamese team during training sessions (Photo: VFF)

Remember, in the match against the UAE in the second qualifying round, when the strong attack of the West Asian team exposed the weakness in the midfield of Vietnam. In the whole first half, the Vietnamese midfield with Quang Hai – Xuan Truong kicked across with the two sides Van Hau – Trong Hoang was completely inferior, could not be disputed and could only run after the ball, causing the Vietnamese team to lose their play. .

The mobility only came when entering the second half, Minh Vuong was launched into the field. Like a pent-up spring that has just been released, the Thai Binh midfielder runs all over the field, pressing, fighting for the ball fiercely, confidently holding the ball, poking the delicate slot. And the result was a precious goal and a valuable assist, reviving the Vietnamese team’s attack.

It is said that Minh Vuong was born for late choices, even Minh Vuong himself once expressed that “no one wants to be a reserve forever”. In the midst of a midfield too cramped with many options to put their trust in familiar names such as Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Hoang Duc, Duc Huy… Minh Vuong still only plays the role of an auxiliary and can only enter the field. when the home team was led too deep.

Vietnam team enter the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with the spirit of

Minh Vuong can create a new color for the team’s midfield (Photo: VFF)

So is it time for the Vietnamese team to make new breakthroughs, “tire up” the old squad to have a new Vietnam team, confidently enter the match against Saudi Arabia, Australia, Oman, and Japan? China is so powerful.

Or the fact that Duy Manh was pulled up to play as a defensive midfielder in recent training sessions. That is entirely possible because Duy Manh has a point of contact that is not superfluous, fights fiercely, is often ahead of the opponent’s judgment and has the ability to pass accurately.

Vietnam team enter the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with the spirit of

Mr. Park tested Duy Manh in a new position (Photo: VFF)

The story of “making a revolution” in the Vietnamese team is not easy, but it is necessary after a long time we are so old with the way we play and the people on the pitch. A new job may cause us to face the prospect of failure, but in the end, the belief for Coach Park Hang-seo and the Vietnamese team is still absolute.

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