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Tran Thi Duyen is impressed with the exercises “butterfly” and “missing rainbow” by French experts

(Country) – Football hotgirl Tran Thi Duyen shares her impressions after working with a French fitness expert.

After a period of practice at the Vietnam youth football training center, the Vietnamese women’s team has improved markedly in terms of physical fitness. For the female players, this is also the first time they have worked with a professional fitness expert. Therefore, Tran Thi Duyen and her teammates were very excited and impressed with each exercise.

“The exercises of Coach Cedric are all done enthusiastically and very well. I am most impressed with the butterfly and rainbow exercises, which support good strength and endurance. I feel I can respond. I can do these exercises and will try to practice better,” Duyen shared about the exercise of fitness expert Cedric Roger.

Tran Thi Duyen impressed with the

Tran Thi Duyen impressed with Mr. Cedric’s physical exercise

Yesterday (August 18), the Vietnamese women’s team held a 2-2 draw with Thai Son Bac U15 men’s futsal team at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center in a friendly match. Commenting on the recent efforts of the students, coach Mai Duc Chung said:

“Since having French fitness coach Cedric, the players’ physical foundation has improved and made great progress in both strength and endurance. Previously, the Vietnamese women’s team only met about 80% of the requirements. physical activity but now increased to the required level”.

Tran Thi Duyen impressed with the

The new fitness coach has helped the Vietnamese women’s team improve a lot

It can be seen that the French assistant has helped the players have a significant improvement in fitness. Through a variety of lesson plans and special training methods, Mr. Cedric has brought a new breeze to the Vietnamese women’s team.

Currently, the VFF is contacting to recruit women to go to training. If nothing goes wrong, on September 2, the Vietnamese women’s soccer team will travel by plane to the UAE for training before participating in the 2022 Asian Women’s Football Championship qualifier in Tajikistan.


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