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Time for ‘Little Ozil’ to save Mikel Arteta’s chair

The Norwegian midfielder officially returned to Arsenal and he is expected to save the decaying attack at the Emirates Stadium team.

‘Welcome home, Martin Odegaard’

That is the announcement that Arsenal club posted on the media about Martin Odegaard officially becoming a player of the Emirates Stadium team. This is the information that the London Gunners have been waiting for a long time. They believe that the former Real Madrid midfielder will return to his old home, where he spent the last half of the season and Odegaard is expected to become the brightest as well as shoulder the midfield of The Gunner.

Accordingly, on the afternoon of August 20, Arsenal confirmed the successful recruitment of Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid for about 35 million euros. The Norwegian will sign a five-year contract with chairman Stan Kroenke’s team and wear the currently vacant number 8 shirt.

In fact, Odegaard’s ability was proven when he spent the last half of the season on loan at Arsenal. After 20 appearances in coach Mikel Arteta’s squad, Odegaard has contributed greatly through the number of assists and most notably a goal against Tottenham Hotspur in March.

Odegaard officially became an Arsenal player after half a season on loan

After returning to Los Blancos, the 23-year-old was not used by coach Carlo Ancelotti when the midfield at the Bernabeu home team was too cramped. It is that makes Odegaard feel unhappy at the very place where he once had ambitions to become a big star and Real agreed to sell ‘little Ozil’ to Arsenal.

Through the contract with Odegaard, it can be clearly seen that the Gunners’ ambition is huge in the summer market. The decision to bring the midfielder back to the Emirates in 1998 shows that Arsenal are accelerating in their signings. They always recruit potential names to rebuild the team from people to gameplay, thereby returning to their position soon or further the title track.

Many people expect that Martin Odegaard will be on the field from the very beginning in Arsenal’s next match against Chelsea because he is so familiar with the tactical system of the club captain. However, because the player still needs to wait for the final procedures to be completed and Odegaard will not be able to play on Sunday.

A great deal for Arsenal

After the face-to-face defeat to Brentford in the opening round of the Premier League, it was understood that Emile Smith Rowe alone was not enough to help Arsenal create internal forces in attack. Leaving this player in the 10th position forever will make him overloaded and the Gunners need a name to share the fire with the young morning star of the Hale End furnace.

Odegaard is now considered a solution that has a direct influence on Arsenal’s football. The player born in 1998 gives the Emirates Stadium team a more direct kick instead of just attacking the left wing of Tierney. The last half of the season was enough to show that Odegaard brought balance to the Gunners attack.

Although planned to kick at number 10, Odegaard has a tendency to attack to the right. This partly helps Nicolas Pepe to benefit as he has more ball providers and is comfortable to show off his individual technique.

35 million euros is a bargain price for a player like Odegaard

The former Real Madrid midfielder has a remarkable creativity that has been proven in many previous matches. We will see Odegaard capable of launching dangerous passes or often dropping the ball into the space behind the opponent’s defense. That’s why many people gave him the nickname ‘little Ozil’. Not stopping at dso, he has the ability to link between lines quite well.

Odegaard played for Arsenal half a season and that was the period when the North London team played the most. 35 million Euro is probably a pretty good price when this is the solution to the problems in the attack of the Emirates Stadium team. Above all, this signing will help Mikel Arteta keep his chair when it has been violently shaken after the first loss of the season.


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