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The player collapsed on the field convulsing, the ambulance immediately appeared before the shocked eyes

(Country) – Midfielder Fabrice N’Sakala suddenly collapsed on the field and had to be hospitalized urgently during the match in the Turkish league.

Why Besiktas suddenly collapsed on the field convulsing

The situation took place in the 71st minute, the match between Gaziantep FK and Besiktas in the second round of the Turkish National Championship (Super Lig). While the home team was organizing an attack, midfielder Fabrice N’Sakala suddenly collapsed in the middle of the field.

A Besiktas substitute immediately ran to check on his teammates before the visiting team’s medical team also quickly rushed into the field. A moment of real fear. N’Sakala was lying on the ground convulsing, showing signs of a stroke or cardiac arrest.

After the first aid movements, the player wearing the number 21 shirt was taken straight to the ambulance and urgently hospitalized. Fortunately, the Republic of Congo player was awake in the hospital. According to Goal, the 31-year-old midfielder was even able to communicate normally.

The moment brought fear to those who witnessed it (Image: Getty)

The above information is also confirmed by the homepage of Besiktas. The top Turkish team shared the moment when N’Sakala was able to smile happily while lying on the hospital bed, and confirmed that the home team player did not have respiratory problems as previously feared.

After consulting with coaches of both teams, referee Umit Ozturk allowed the match at Gaziantep to continue. However, the two teams still could not score and had to leave the field with a 0-0 draw.

With N’Sakala, even though he has returned to stability, the star on the Besiktas staff still has to stay in the hospital to conduct further tests and monitoring. However, according to the initial diagnosis, this player can completely play in the match next weekend.

Moment of fear: The player collapsed on the field convulsing in front of shocked eyes, only when an image appeared did everyone breathe a sigh of relief - Photo 3.

Fortunately, the problem with N’Sakala was not as serious as previously feared (Image: Instagram)

The incident with N’Sakala made many people immediately think of the case of midfielder Christian Eriksen at Euro 2020. The case of the Danish star was more dangerous then. But luckily, thanks to the quick wits and courage of the medical team and his teammates, Eriksen narrowly escaped the death scythe.

The 29-year-old star was then assigned a defibrillator implant and a recent test showed that he was fully capable of continuing to play at the top level.


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