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The most expensive teams in the world call the Premier League

Wednesday 18/08/2021 17:00(GMT+7)

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With the addition of a series of quality rookies in the summer, PSG has risen to 3rd in the list of clubs with the most expensive squad values ​​in the world.

The most expensive squads in the football village

In a recent statistic on The Sun, the Premier League is “taking over” the list of the Top 5 most expensive squads in the world. Leading the way are two rich clubs Man City and Chelsea, the teams owning the two most expensive deals this summer are Jack Grealish (£100m) and Romelu Lukaku (97.5m). The squad value of the two blue shirt teams is £ 955.62 million and £ 898.2 million.

Ranked 4th and 5th are also 2 clubs from England but wearing red shirts, Man United and Liverpool. MU had a successful transfer period when bringing in Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane, helping the squad reach the £ 835 million mark. Liverpool are behind with £21m less. In third place, in the middle of the Top 5 is a team with both blue and red, Ligue 1’s PSG.

Tottenham vs Man City
Man City owns the most expensive squad on the planet

The French rich guy had a glorious transfer period, which can be considered the most successful in the team’s history when he brought back 4/5 high-class rookies in the form of a free transfer. Leo Messi’s new team has a squad value of £894.38 million, more than £4 million behind Chelsea’s second place.

The next 3 positions belong to the big 3 Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atletico ranked 9th and finally Tottenham 10th. But for the rest of the summer market, Spurs could very well drop to the Top if they can’t keep Harry Kane – a player valued at more than £100 million.

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