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The Kyle Lowry deal continues to stir after the fierce statement of the president of the Toronto Raptors

(Country) – Mr. Masai Ujiri did not hide his frustration when it came to Kyle Lowry’s contract, which is suspected of being circumvented by the Miami Heat.

At 6 am on August 2 (local time), the free transfer market is officially open for teams to bring in the necessary personnel for the 2021-22 NBA season. However, a few events have occurred, causing the plans of some teams to fall apart. In particular, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls have become the subject of an NBA investigation into tampering behavior when bringing in Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball.

Although, the league has yet to make any statement about this incident, but Masai Ujiri, executive chairman of the Toronto Raptors recently spoke out, implicitly implying that the Miami Heat and Kyle Lowry had an illegal agreement. pre-judgment allowed by the NBA.

The president of the Toronto Raptors alluded to the Miami Heat tampering in the Kyle Lowry deal - Photo 1.

Kyle Lowry officially arrived at the Miami Heat after 9 years of service

“It’s unbelievable that clubs can close deals within minutes of the transfer market opening. I have provided the phone and all the information for the investigation. In addition, I have no further comment,” the president of the Toronto Raptors confirmed.

Mr. Masai Ujiri is not wrong when he thinks that some teams have shady actions. As soon as the “market” started, deals broke out, including the $85 million “sign-exchange” contract between “K-Low” and Heat, announced at 6:38 am on the 2nd. /8. More notably, the deal to bring Lonzo Ball to the Chicago Bulls took place exactly 1 minute after the market opened.

The president of the Toronto Raptors alluded to the Miami Heat tampering in the Kyle Lowry deal - Photo 2.

The deal to bring Lonzo Ball and Chicago Bulls is in danger of collapsing after an NBA investigation

The disgruntled attitude of the 51-year-old chairman can be clearly seen behind the above statement. On the one hand, it’s not very pleasant when your team is implicated in such a serious investigation. On the other hand, if not for the wishes of the player, “Northern Dinosaur” would not have intended to part with a star like Kyle Lowry, who was once described by Masai Ujiri himself as “the greatest Raptors player of all” age”.

Tampering can be considered a form of fraud in the signing and transfer of teams to bring advantages when they want to own valuable factors in the player market. Violations of anti-tampering laws are not uncommon in the NBA, such as Draymond Green’s “slander” statement about Devin Booker, or Milwaukee Bucks president’s about the “super maximum” contract for the NBA. Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The president of the Toronto Raptors hinted that the Miami Heat had tampering in the Kyle Lowry deal - Photo 3.

Chairman Masai Ujiri affirmed that he fully cooperated with the investigation and was not responsible for the above violations.

As of 2019, the NBA has raised strict penalties for tampering. In particular, the teams will be subject to a fine of up to $ 10 million, banning executives from participating in transfer work, taking away options in the NBA Draft or even canceling the deal.

Thus, in the worst case scenario, the Kyle Lowry deal will be canceled. He was forced to become a free agent and find another place to play. This decision will heavily affect the team’s plan to build the team, especially the Miami Heat before the new season.


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